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Paper Denim & Cloth green check pocket shirt (Bluefly)$100.00
Alkaline Paper Check Pen (Precision Graphic Instruments, Inc.)$8.95
Single Copy Paper G3616 Guest Checks (POSpaper.com)$19.95
Personal Check Paper - 4 Checks per Page (MICRpro.com)$0.07
Guest Checks Single Bonded Paper 3 38x5 78 (Instawares Restaurant Supply)$31.83

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Paper checks (thanx to historyfan)

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.30) based on 10 ratings

Used to make out a certain amount of money to pay for things such as items from a store or for bills. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by HistoryFan (86) on 2/28/2006 10:55:26 AM.

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VirileVagabond (30)
I have to concur with the prior comments in that paper checks aren't quite gone yet (hence the 2 stars). However, they're definitely dying, and I bet that it'll take me years to use up my current supply. Nevertheless, I'm sure that there will be a continued need for post-dated commercial paper (including personal checks), as this provides more security for the creditor over a promise to pay electronically later.4
LadyJesusFan777 (21)
Outdated or not, I still use them.2
CastleBee (81)
I use them but, less and less all the time. I was writing one the other day and made the remark that I write them so rarely now that it will probably take me until I'm 120 to use up the most recent shipment I bought. Another bulky item that can be trimmed down to one piece of plastic and/or a few keystrokes on the computer. Can't say I'm sorry to see them fade away.6
Molfan (53)
i still use checks. I send them out every week to pay for bills, to electric, gas, phone company etc. they can be good or bad I guess. I am still a bit nervous about paying bills online. I have mentioned before that sometimes I am like an old dog learning new tricks so I stick with the old fashioned checks for bills etc. I too get stuck behind mostly women who insist on writing checks for their groceries. so they are not quite gone just yet.2
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Checks are going away quickly. I rarely use them, except to write OLD MOTHER RIELLY my bi-weekly rent check. Hell, I don't even get a check at work anymore, it's all direct deposit. For those of you who still believe in the bible, I once heard a preacher clai that credit/debit cards are the mark of the beast. You need them to conduct business. According to the BOOK OF REVALATIONS, no one without the mark of the beast will be able to trade for goods and services. Just something to think about.4
BugahaNE (20)
I only wish they were obsolete. At the market I am always behind the woman who waits until the sale is rung up to open her purse, look for the checkbook, find a pen that writes, write the check ( a good 2 minutes ), if my day is really going good, she rips the check and has to write another. Then of course, the obligatory balancing of her checkbook. I don't mean to offend anyone who writes checks, but the checkbook should stay at home, used only to pay bills. All banks offer a check or debit card, show consideration for the person behind you in line.5
Drummond (55)
I still write them. Guess I'm quaint.3
HistoryFan (86)
I don't know if these are obsolete or not but it seems as if they might be due to the advent of paying for bills (or anything) online.3
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