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Streaking (the idea that started it all)

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StarkTruth and I got the idea from my "summer guffaws at the beach" list in which I mentioned that one guffaw was that little kids, especially toddlers, like to skinny dip at the beach. Technically, no one can get away with this now unless it was at a nude beach.

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StarkTruth (58)
Try as I may, I could not keep clothes on my youngest child. When he was two, he absolutely hated wearing them. I personally think it was because he was enamoured with his favorite toy. There's nothing like having your elderly aunt stop by for a visit and go into hysterics because Jr's sitting on the sofa, naked as a jay bird and content as a clam. It wasn't enough to shock the relatives, he wanted to share his joy with the whole neighborhood. Off would come his clothes and he'd be gone... streaking naked through the neighborhood. And I'd be chasing after him. I can't say one way or the other about the favorite toy bit (somethings a mother just doesn't ask), but I do believe that as an adult, he's outgrown streaking. 1
numbah16tdhaha (129)
My nephews are three and four and sometimes they hate clothes.3
HistoryFan (86)
Kids ages 2 and under, for some reason, enjoy this activity because it makes them feel "free" from wearing clothes. For an adult to do this would risk arrest. And all those streakers at sporting events have it coming to them.4
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