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Roller skatesGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 2.20 based on 5 ratings

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Rolodex (thanx to m.a. duron)
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FranksWildYears (37)
In-line skates are far better in terms of glide, stability and the ability to make a sharp turn.3
kattwoman (24)
i roller skated one time in my life and i was scared to death. i'm just not coordinated for things like that. i could skateboard at one time though.0
Ridgewalker (116)
This got me thinking. Remember those skates with four steel wheels and the key that you used to tighten the skates to your gym shoes? They never stayed on. But, it wasn't like...as kids...we had a closet full of "regular" shoes that would really have worked with those skates. But, would Mom let us skate in our good shoes? Nooooooooooooo. Would she even suggest that we might be safer using our "regular" shoes when we came home every single time with bloody knees? Noooooooooooo. I'll bet that everytime we went out to skate, Mom would get on the phone and call the neighbors and tell them to look out the window if they wanted a really good laugh. Hell, she could have saved use the embarrassment and just pushed us down the basement stairs. We wouldn't have told.7
Drummond (56)
Apparently, the rinks still lend them, and I'm told that roller blades really aren't much faster, that it's an illusion. So who knows if roller skates are really on the endangered list?1
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