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Black and white film

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Jed1000 (76)
Another item that is just simply not obsolete.8
VirileVagabond (29)
Since (as other comments have noted), black & white film hasn't disappeared and isn't obsolete, I've giving it a single star (and not because I'm glad it's gone). Not only does B&W; remain useful for artistic purposes, but also to embed a nostalgic feel to a film's production (e.g. the previously noted "Good Night And Good Luck") or a photograph. Consider also the visual effect of shifting between B&W; and color in films like "The Wizard Of Oz" and "Pleasantville". The bottom line is that black & white film will sometimes offer a subtlety that is absent from color.1
the witch (0)
People are too stupid to watch old movies beacause they aren't in colour, not realising they are missing out on some of the best movies ever made-when plot and character meant everything.5
Djahuti (56)
Why not use whatever the artist sees fit for the film,video or photo? Sometimes B&W; is better,sometimes color.Why limit yourself? MY favorite film,"Dead Man" was shot in B&W; by Jim Jarmusch as were many cinematic masterpieces of yore.5
DoorGunner (20)
I never understood what's so great about Ansel Adams' black-and-white photographs of Yosemite. Is it a cult thing? Maybe it's a pseudo-intellectual thing. Is it the angles, the composition, the shadow and light, or what? And if they're so great and even better than color photographs of the same, would anyone really rather see in B&W; than in color? Huh? Huh?5
EschewObfuscation (69)
My younger brother (by 14 months) married a younger girl (by 8-9 years) (his 2nd time around) who pointed out to me with a cruelty I found slightly jarring, that "Dan" is the only one she knows whose "baby pictures" are black and white. Cold. Very cold.7
kamylienne (71)
Black and white film photography is not really obsolete, though it is admittedly becoming a lost art form. There's something wonderfully simple and pure about a black and white photograph, and though computer photo manipulation is great and all, it can't replace the gratification you get by making it in the darkroom.5
Molfan (48)
it is still around even though I do not buy them. Of course, I am not a good photographer. a talented one can make black and white pictures look beautiful. there are still some wonderful black and white pictures out there. 6
StarkTruth (59)
Black and white film is still currently available, but it is being phased out I am sorry to say. As an artform it is spectacular, as a means of producing that bottom dollar for the film manufacturers, it's a losing cause. Say farewell to it folks... 6
irishgit (108)
Not at all obsolete. Black and white photography has an artistic and storytelling ability that cannot be duplicated in colour. That is not to denigrate colour photography, but to say it makes black and white obsolete is like saying oil paints make watercolours obsolete. They are two different media.7
Drummond (54)
I agree with Numbah. Jim Jarmusch makes excellent use of it. Goodnight and Good Luck may even win the Oscar. There are effects you can produce with the light dark contrast that just can't be done with color. The family of the creators of Citizen Kane actually got a protective order preventing anybody from colorizing it, which would ruin it.4
numbah16tdhaha (133)
It still has its purposes.4
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