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Sony DVD/VHS Recorder Combo Player - RDR-VX555 (SONY - Official Store)$249.99
SAMSUNG DVD-V6700 DVD/VHS Combo Player (Newegg)$99.99
LG XBR446 Dual Layer DVD Recorder Player VCR VHS Player (Electroline Electronics)$399.00
DVD/VHS Combo Player (PC Connection)$89.95
Sony RDR-VX555 DVD/VHS Player Recorder Combo (J&R; Music/Computer World)$223.88

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VHS players

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LadyJesusFan777 (21)
I have a VCR/DVD combo. I think a lot of people still have their regular VHS VCRs.3
VirileVagabond (30)
I can't say that VCRs are quite dead, but I will be glad when they're finally gone. I say not yet dead since it doesn't appear that there are enough (ore perhaps any) Tivo/DVR clones that allow home digital recordings without a service fee (as VCRs do by analog technology). Moreover, the format wars are over for videotapes, but the standard for DVD recording is still in flux. I believe that when DVRs become cheap and service free and/or the DVD recording standard finally emerges for the foreseeable future, VCRs will finally die out.2
93century (37)
I myself just bought a older secondhand Zenith VCR from the thrift store so i can keep playing my old VHS tapes. I wanted a older bulky one from the 1980's because those are the ones that were made the best. The newer ones dont hold up well to the constant rewinding, and fast forwarding compared to how the older ones did. The local TV repairman said the older ones were better too!3
Silver Eagle 252 (12)
Admittedly VHS is on the way out. I still have one of the old, old top loading JVC players, complete with the wired remote. Still works although it doesn't play stereo sound.4
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
I still got some old, irraplaceable tapes that I am too cheap to transfer to DVD. I am in the planning stages of buyng a VCR/DVD combo.8
BugahaNE (20)
LOL, they will not be missed at all, ( see review on cassette tapes )5
trebon1038 (57)
I still have two...I do have a DVD player too though. I like to record things sometimes I can keep like shows with friends in them or about my home town or something like that. I buy all new movies in DVD form though.3
Drummond (55)
If DVD's get much cheaper, it will be the final death of VHS. I don't really care either way, though I do like the scene selection option. Update: Well, we still keep our VHS player because there are still many great movies that aren't yet on DVD. Kiss of the Spiderwoman. El Norte. Man Facing Southeast. State of Siege. Hundreds of great foreign and independent films.5
Molfan (51)
they are still around but not as easy to get. a lot of them come as a combo with a dvd player. I hope they last awhile longer because we still record on them and have a ton of movies. and cartoons from when my kids were little. I would hate to replace all of the VHS things we have. DVD is better, but with our luck we will buy a bunch of that stuff and then they will be obsolete.6
SZinHonshu (49)
Again, the SZinhonshu household was the "last on the block" to switch to superior technology. We've had our DVD player for a little over half a year. We only abandoned the VHS when the selections at the nearest movie rental place became severely limited for our format.5
zuchinibut (31)
DVD players are very convenient to use, and a major upgrade over VHS.3
numbah16tdhaha (133)
They persist, but DVD is kicking their ass.4
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