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Rotary phonesGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.15 based on 13 ratings

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VirileVagabond (31)
While a rotary phone may have some decorative uses for a retro feel, there really are no advantages of these relics. Other comments have noted that rotary phones can often still be used during power outages, but with the omnipresence of mobile phones that feature really isn't much of a necessity and some phone lines can't even read pulse dialing. This is a far cry from when tone dialing first started to become the standard, as customers used to have to pay extra for the newer technology. I seem to recall lots of wrong numbers back in the day with rotary phones (of course that may be due to modern electronic phone lists). The bottom line is that there really isn't much to miss about rotary phones.4
CastleBee (82)
I'm very glad these are gone. They were clumsy and less useful than push button dialing. I don't miss them one bit.4
numbah16tdhaha (136)
I do miss that big yellow bastard from my kitchen...4
Franks_Wild_Years (36)
I always found the sensation of dialing to be satisfying in a tactile way. Same can be said for tearing perforation. My kids wouldn't even know how to use one.4
Silver Eagle 252 (12)
Still have one in canary yellow. Although it's sometimes not as convenient as my cordless touch tones, you can't beat the sound of real metal bells ringing. You can always tell the time period in a movie by the type of telephone the actors use.4
Drummond (56)
We still use them for power outages. I miss the dialing itself. Nobody dials anymore. :&( Dialing for Dollars should change their name. Fingering for Dollars? That evokes images!4
trebon1038 (55)
They not only were slow but very easy to get wrong numbers on. 3
Molfan (53)
they were a headache to dial. some were even slower than others.we had these when i was growing up and even shortly into my adult years.2
Underspin (28)
About 5-10 times as slow as the push button variety, does anyone actually miss these??3
frogio (50)
I just had one rehabed for my home office. It works great, adds to the decor, and as long as your not attempting to surf your way through, the "press 1 so you can press 3" BS of the corporate 800 numbers, it's as functional as ever.7
93century (38)
Dont knock these phones. They make good phones during power outages!5
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