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Standard gear shifting

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.44) based on 16 ratings

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Stereo sound (thanx to numbah)
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VirileVagabond (30)
Another item on this list that I don't think is obsolete, hence the single star but not because I'm "glad they're gone". In fact every car that I've owned (save for the first provided by my parents back in the day) has been equipped with a manual transmission. I personally prefer the driving experience with a straight and the increased control (perceived or real) over the vehicle, and I'm sure others feel the same (especially with sports cars). As other comments noted, straight drives are still the standard for large trucks and racecars. The only occasions that I curse my clutch is during stop and go highway traffic during accidents or peak rush-hour (not uncommon in Atlanta). Notwithstanding that I probably don't save anything on gas or maintenance (it may actually cost me on the latter), I still wouldn't go automatic for the foreseeable future.4
Franks Wild Years (38)
There are still plenty around as far as I can see. Nice to have if you are driving a car that is more performance oriented, but they would seem plain silly on a mini-van.1
Silver Eagle 252 (12)
Standard transmissions are far from being obsolete. All true sports cars will still have them. Any customized street racer would be an embarassment with an automatic transmission. Any professional racing association such as IRL and NASCAR would never sanction automatic transmissions. Semi-trucks will continue to have standard transmissions.2
JohnSpina (19)
These can be a pain in the rump to drive because every little change in mileage,you have to shift the darn thing.Still it is probably better for your car than an automatic tranny.3
DoorGunner (20)
I had a Simca back in the 60s with four on the column. It wasn't much to look at but was a hoot to drive. Nevertheless, I love my Grand Am GT with automatic and don't know if I'll ever go back to standard because I've gotta drink that coffee on the way to work.5
BugahaNE (20)
They were fun to drive as a kid. Remember how proud you were when you learned how to drive one for the first time, eventually you could shift without grinding the gears. No, nowadays I would never own one, I do too much city driving and constantly changing gears is a pain in the butt. I only have two hands, with coffee, holding the steering wheel, cellphone, ..kidding7
trebon1038 (57)
If you are referring to the old shift on the collume then glad its gone, but I love a good 5 speed on the floor........as long as there are sports cars people will drive sticks!7
frogio (50)
Standard used to be the way to go. There was more control, if you ask me. But these new automatics/tiptronic gimmicks are just plain fun. Best of both worlds...without the eventual charlie horse.6
Drummond (55)
There are probably many who prefer the control, but auto transmissions are getting so good that the advantages of standard are disappearing, even on dirt roads. I suspect that standard will always be available as a novelty.5
hotel283 (20)
We'll never see the end of this. Think of all the other automatics on a car now, brakes and choke are the two things that leap to mind. I wouldn't want to drive without either now. However, automatic transmissions will never fully replace standards as they to have their shortcomings. Let's face it, would you buy an automatic Porsche? How would would downshift?5
Molfan (54)
they are still around and I know there are some people who love to drive them. I will personally stick with the automatic.I learned to drive one many years ago. but would have to learn all over now. I get too frustrated with them.7
Djahuti (55)
I don't think it's obsolete.Some people still prefer a standard shift.I've had both,and don't really mind either.6
zuchinibut (31)
They aren't gone completely. I learned from driving my future wife's car how to drive a standard, and I like doing it now that I have the skill. It saved me a grand off my car purchase, and it is fun to drive.5
numbah16tdhaha (137)
All the stuff worth driving can still be found with this method of shifting.4
irishgit (117)
I drive a 2003 Mustang with 5 speed standard shifting. Not exactly obsolete.6
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