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Overall Rating:2.10 based on 10 ratings
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zuchinibut (36)
Blaming Tarek for the golf exhibition at the event was unacceptable, because he had told her they should get astroturf putting greens and she told him there was no need for it. She knew Trump thought he was a weak link and was trying to pick on him. However, it didn't work. Her lame plan, including a horse and carriage, was absolutely awful. How does a horse and carriage help you try to sell a Chevy Tahoe, or entertain a bunch of car salesman? The models not only were uninformed, but unattractive. The comedian was a decent idea for entertainment, but how can you not give her guidelines regarding unacceptable topics. If you had done that, then you would have had a reason not to pay her if she was inappropriate. All around terrible attempt at leading her team.

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DumbBlondeCowgirl (23)
Boobs Mcgee dropped the ball, and what is worse she took zero responsibility as the team leader. A team leader does more than delegate jobs.....a real team leader pitches in and communicates effectively. And a real team leader would take responsibility if the team messes up because of a lack of communication and leadership.

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CherrySoda99 (29)
What a horrible leader! She was terrible on the last task. She blames Tarek for not being creative enough, but she doesn't give him the time to be creative.

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Cindyo (10)
She did not manage effectively and accept the areas that were of cause of why the team lost. The models were not educated enough about the product and that was 1/3 of their score. Product knowledge is essential to selling and motivating others about a product and that was not present. I am surprised that was not mentioned more. Secondly, the 'comedian' did a terrible job; she wasn't funny and was offensive. That was mentioned in part of the final score at the end of the task. Charmaine was responsible for this area and I do not think she should have been paid that much money for not being up to par between with what is funny and what is inappropriate. Theresa definitely should have taken Charmaine back into the boardroom with her. Theresa wasn't focused on why the team lost; and didn't seem to accept much responsibility herself, and she was the project manager.

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