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Overall Rating:2.00 based on 13 ratings
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tnt (0)
The worst candidate I have ever seen on that show. All she did was make one phone call and ride in a blimp. If she didn't want to go through the interview process, why did she go on the show in the first place? She contributed nothing, zip, nada. She deserved to get fired.

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LordThanos (0)
She was one of the all time worst candidates to appear on the show. It's seldom that a candidate did so little on a task and was so clueless in the boardroom. Usually, I have sympathy for the first candidate who is fired, but she completely deserved to get fired.

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zuchinibut (36)
Its probably not fair that a judgment on somebody has to be made after just 1 task, but it is a job interview, and candidates do have to make a good first impression. She did not do this, either with her team or with Trump. I understand where she was coming from when she stated that it was unwise to call a restaurant to sell something during the dinner rush, but how is not calling anybody better than calling during a bad time. Not trying, just because you don't feel something will work isn't a great attitude. Summer could have saved herself if she came up with an alternative plan, instead of giving up.

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CherrySoda99 (29)
She did nothing. Absolutely nothing the whole entire time...oh wait...I forgot...she called one place. Geeze, how could I forget that? I mean, that's an amazing feat!

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Jed1000 (72)
You have to work hard to be this clueless. Even as Donald Trump was getting ready to fire Tarek she insisted on interrupting him.. after he'd aleady warned her more than once to be quiet. Can't feel an ounce of sympathy for her. Absolutely deserved what she got... and practically asked for.

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