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Overall Rating:3.36 based on 14 ratings
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CherrySoda99 (29)
What a horrible attitude she has. She's always complaining about everyone, especially Lee. She's the one that should grow up.

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Jed1000 (72)
I think DumbBlondeCowgirl says it very well. Nice girl... but she's been quietly detrimental to her team right from the start. Time to go home.

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DumbBlondeCowgirl (23)
I think that Charmaine is a very sweet, and very pretty girl. I know she will go on to continue to be successful. But this girl keeps shooting her team in the foot. First it was paying that awful commediene all that money to tell inappropriate jokes at a classy event. Next....she tells her team they have a 10:15 appointment, and that they have about 10-15 minutes before they have to leave...when they should have walked out the door right away. And then she writes those terrible lyrics and leaves out the one thing that Arby's wanted to hear. I'm not saying the lyrics are her fault completely....but the other stuff. The other stuff was very damaging to the team.

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xyzabcguy (0)
I think she could do very well next to/beneath me in bed. Other than that, I wouldn't trust her with too many tasks. At least her forehead isn't as big as Allie's.

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LordThanos (0)
She should have been fired earlier, but Theresa failed to take her into the boardroom. So far, she has done very little...

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