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Overall Rating:1.75 based on 12 ratings
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JimmyJames (0)
Doofus. Fat doofus. Gives Canadiens a bad name, and I'm not even Canadien (but I love hockey). Rude, crude, obnoxious, has stupid ideas, bad hair, etc. Entertaining for sure, but only to a point. Glad he got canned when he did because I wasn't sure how much more I could take...

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zuchinibut (36)
At first I don't think he was as bad as advertised. However, as time went on he started to show how much of a nut he was. He seemed to be pretty inexperienced in business, and his looks and ESPECIALLY his personality didn't help at all. Probably stayed around longer than he deserved.

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Penwah (0)
Oh, Puh-LEEZE. I know they must have selected him to be the "bad" guy, but he was nasty and a complete misfit.

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LordThanos (0)
Brent was probably selected for the show to provide some comic relief and act as a foil for the rest of the candidates on his team. Indeed, he succeeded in this capacity admirably. The poor slob really had no chance to win, but each season there are always the off-the-wall types who make much noise in the first shows and then go off quietly in the night in their cabs: Sam, Danny, Markus, etc. I seriously doubt Trump would ever elevate a candidate who was not at least somewhat photogenic. After all, one of the most important duties of the Apprentice is to be the public face of Trump Corporation.

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dx99 (0)
Brent = a mediocre, plodding, OK performer, not exactly worthy of the attention he's been getting... The rest of the contestants must have been seen as dull by the producers, so Brent was probably seized upon by story editors desperate for some "edge" in the story lines to date, given his physical appearance and interest in snacking. Would I hire the guy? Nope. Would I continue to watch him on TV? Maybe. The snacking scenes are interesting.

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sixhats (0)
OK FIRST, let me say that if the people who make it to the top 18 from 1 million applicants are supposedly America's Elite young business people, then just watch Mexico become the next World superpower. Seriously, watching everybody gang up on Brent is not just tiresome, it's disingenious to the concept. If you want to show me how great a leader you are, MANAGE BRENT PROPERLY! And as for Brent directly, I say that he has some incredible potential as an idea-generator, a guy who really is thinking wayyy outside of other peoples' boxes: he obviously is not the go-to guy when you need a daily report or a repetitive task. (btw, neither, I would expect, is Trump.) He needs to find a way to stop people from writing him off early: take the project manager's role, lay down the law early about his expectations, and spank some Gold Rush ass.

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Jed1000 (72)
This season's Marcus. A legend in his own mind. Loud and bombastic. Has no clue how to present himself in a professional, businesslike way.

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CherrySoda99 (29)
I got to give this guy props for coming up with so many ideas. If we have people in my school with half his imagination we'd be all set. Unfortunately, his ideas weren't right for the first task.

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