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Overall Rating:3.00 based on 13 ratings
ItemImageI've never seen a more obnoxous and inconsiderate woman in business in my life.

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kirkt (0)
Didn't watch much of the show. Any woman who is that beautiful and loves Atlas Shrugged gets at least 4 stars from me.

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zuchinibut (36)
I detest her personality. She seems like a major bitch, and doesn't appear to be somebody I would want to work with or have working for me. UPDATE: Andrea was kicked off the show tonight, and I couldn't be happier. She might be successful in her personal business, but I am glad that a completely unlikable person isn't allowed to continue on the show after she has been exposed.

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JimmyJames (0)
I used to like Andrea but with every task she's starting to show her true colors...cold, snobby, doesn't really respect her teammates (or whomever the PM is), thinks her way is always the best, etc. I have a feeling she'll go far, unfortunately, but hopefully I'm wrong.

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enthusia (0)
I hate this woman. I can not wait until she is fired, which is inevitable. She has this belief that she is always right, even when she is a complete moron. She is kind of woman that even after Donald sets her straight she will still be claiming she was right and he was wrong.

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CherrySoda99 (29)
I felt she did well as project manager. Her little outburst about Brent was a little immature, but she does well under pressure, considering that they had to cancel the skeet shooting so abrubtly.

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