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ItemImageOne of RIA's biggest music authorities.

This item was submitted by djdavem (12) on 2/25/2006 10:28:14 PM.

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MommyL (8)
Dave, since you put this list here for us to rate your posts, I am assuming you want the truth--even here on a publicly-viewed website. Well, I already said something about this on the other website we go to, but here goes: *deep breath*

You are an interesting person, I care about you, and I have considered you a friend these past few years, but I have had it up to HERE with your moodiness. I have Asperger syndrome too, you know, but I'm NOT going to use that as an excuse and I'm NOT going to let you use it as an excuse either. I sometimes let things get to me too, but I'm trying to control it, ESPECIALLY on line where you have a chance to think about what you say before you hit the "enter" button. I'm not saying I'm perfect--I've said many stupid things, both online and IRL, that I regret. I'm just telling you what I've observed here and on other websites. Forgive me if I sound mean, but I'm not going to sugarcoat things here and I'm not going to lie.

So someone erroneously listed "Layla" among the #1 songs. BIG DEAL. The REAL question in the poll was not whether they got the chart position right (it's not a trivia contest); the question was how people liked the song. Yesterday I noticed they had the year wrong on a song, but I posted, in my nicest Internet voice, "Uh, isn't this supposed to be...?" and then went ahead with my rating. I did NOT throw a hissy fit like some people I know.

I think you tend to pride yourself extremely too much on your "music chart knowledge". Yes, the music charts are interesting, but for God's sake, stop bragging on yourself! Look at the heading of this list: "One of RIA's biggest music authorities". Since you submitted the list, I'm assuming you wrote this heading yourself, like your statement on another website about how you always "dazzled" your co-workers with your "musical knowledge". La-de-da.

That's right. No more Ms. Nice Gal here. Sometimes, tough times demand tough talk. I still care about you as a person, but I've walked on eggshells for you long enough. Besides, you're probably going to be upset no matter what I say here anyway. So go ahead, call me nasty names, leave this forum if you want (just don't do anything dangerous or stupid), but if you're going to stay on these boards, LIGHTEN UP and GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!

End of tirade.

(BTW, to whoever reads this: I went back and changed my rating on this. I decided a 2 was a bit TOO generous. Dave's messages on other boards used to be a lot of fun until he started complaining a lot and attacking other people. I realize I'm just supposed to be evaluating his posts here on RIA--hence the 1 rating. Oh, and incidentally, I know Dave hasn't posted here in a while. Based on his behavior on other boards, you all can expect him to either 1.) come back with an apology--but not change his behavior, or 2.) come back with a message saying he's leaving this board.)

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