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HistoryFan (102)
I don't believe in making it illegal but I'm totally against it.

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numbah16tdhaha (162)
I don't think its illegal under our laws here, except of course in the UCMJ. (military law that lets us burn people for anything) That doesn't change the fact that its stupid, though.

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operator 409 (7)
One of those things that I am ambivalent about. Should there be a law against it? Certainly not. However, it would be just fine with me if it were made a crime. It is inexcusable, (forgivable, yes...but still 100% preventable). I believe a strictly enforced law would eliminate a lot of it, but it will NEVER happen. And that is probably for the best. See what I mean about ambivalent? Adultery IS sin, however. Any way you want to look at it, there will be a price to be paid, either in life or the hereafter. Some will say that it is not as serious a matter as the other items on this list. I contend that it has caused more problems for mankind than probably all the others combined.

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Drummond (60)
Yes, third parties are often hurt, but it simply does not deserve criminal justice system attention. Most prosecutors agree apparently as few In many states it's not only illegal to bop someone when you're married, but also if you bop someone who is married while you're single (even though this isn't adultery technically). For example, in Arizona, the law reads "when the act is committed between parties only one of whom is married, both shall be punished." I imagine due process requires that the single party must knowingly sleep with someone who is married, whether the law itself specifies such. Michigan contains a bias that probably won't survive the Equal Protection Clause if anybody ever attempts to enforce this law. Basically, "both parties are guilty if the woman is married and the man is not; only the man is guilty if he is married and the woman is not." Most states that outlaw adultery rank it as a misdemeanor, but five states make it a felony. I rate it 2 stars instead of one simply because somebody besides a participant is often hurt. However, I believe that the natural and civil consequences are adequate penalty for the transgression.

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