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Overall Rating: 4.33 based on 12 ratings

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IgnatiusJReilly (79)
Awesome sound, great hits and a lasting influence on the American Music scene. Jim Morrison was a bit of a prat, though. He is not among IJR's favorites, but a damn good singer! The movie about the group and the book from which it came, does little to change my opinion of the guy.3
CanadaSucks (38)
Personally, I find this group irritating and overrated- but 4-stars for their influence and impact on rock- it cannot be denied. . .plus, a few memorable songs.4
kingguiness (10)

Despite the fact that their middle albums were a little spotty they overall were a major creative force in rock music. LA Woman is their best.
doobiesNhof (27)
Classic rock group lead by Jim Morrison. "Light My Fire", "Love Her Madly" and "LA Woman" are just 3 of a number of classics.1
candy kane (17)
Would have been interesting to see if their music continued to progress or if they had completely shot their wad. Their final album LA Woman makes me think there was more great music to be made.4
Robbo59 (15)
Dark, strange, moody, and seemingly demon-posessed, The Doors were like no other act that pre-dated them. I've already mentioned some of the things that I don't find particularly appealing about them in previous review, but there is a whole lot that I can find to like. Robbie Krieger is an outstanding and much underrated guitarist/songwriter and the sound that they produced collectively is unique and, at times, very powerful. Jim was a man of eclectic taste and high intellect, and whether he screamed, growled, spoke, or crooned his lyrics, you could be certain that he was a red-blooded, carnally lusting, American boy who didn't wear silk undies or own a make-up mirror. He could be a bit of a poser, true, but this was his act. The act that eventually sucked him in and finally killed him, may have been, in the final account, unavoidable. Maybe one of those dead Indian's souls really did jump into him. Who knows? Whether it was pre-ordaned or just a ruse, The Doors made great music. They challenged the barriers and they danced with the devil in the pale moon light. I started with '13' (The Doors Greatest Hits) as a teen and worked my way through all of their material. I was able to find something, most everything, on all of their albums that I liked. The 'Absolutely Live' album seems to do a pretty good job of capturing the essence of the band as they were on stage, and I'd go with 'The Doors' (1967) if I were picking out a single album that was their best release. As with many bands, the first release is the pure, unadulterated sound. The follow-ups are often made-to-order, or hurridly put together while on, or between tours. Not neccessarily the case here, but you know what I mean. I won't go through the litany of their songs, I'll leave you to decide for yourselves, I will say this though; This was one top-notch rock band and they stand high not only in their legend, but in the material that they produced. Have one on Jim, I'm sure he'd appreciate having you along.5
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