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Overall Rating:2.86 based on 7 ratings
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DrEntropy (38)
While it may sound trite, decency really is a general characteristic of Americans, generally going back to 17th Century Anglo-Saxon Protestant ideals of 'Christian brotherhood' and 'fair play', which have lost their orignial ethno-religious context and been dissolved into common American culture. While this makes Americans more decent towards each other and 'good' strangers, it also makes them exceptionally cruel and merciless towards those they consider enemies/traitors, as is apparent from America's historical record of segregation and conquest.

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Djahuti (54)
"Decency" is far too vague a subject to assign any value upon.It is a hollow word into which different people pour different meanings.

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souljunkie (20)
Im trying to see what the list maker is seeing and I tend to agree. The greater part of this country wants the presence of this. We fail as groups sometimes and when they do you hear about it. I think about places like Iraq or Even parts of Europe who have histories that point to a time where the whole country had fallen into beliefs that contradicted this decency. Germany, Russian and the list goes on. We should be proud of this.

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daedalus (33)
I have no problem with the vagueness of the term, afterall that is a good way to generate varying opinion, I just think there is no great abundance or lack of it in the U.S..

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Jed1000 (72)
HistoryFan is right. Much too vague and subjective to rate. Ask ten people and you'll get ten different definitions of "decent."

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HistoryFan (98)
Uh....it can go either way. I'm not sure the U.S. is incredibly decent...actually, someone needs to define "decency." Does it pertain to sexual morality?

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