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Titanic did not deserve to be the highest grossing movie in history.Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.18 based on 11 ratings
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Reviews for Titanic did not deserve to be the highest grossing movie in history.  1-9 OF 9

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HistoryFan (95)
I used to love this movie as a teen when it was popular. Now....I just think it was overpriced and overrated.
asskickingboots (16)
Actually, I got a different reason to say it doesn't deserve to be the highest grossing movie... inflation. After you factor in inflation it's not even close to first with Gone with the Wind kicking it's ass! Jurassic Park did better after you account for inflation.
CastleBee (79)
But see, you can't say this even if you loath the flick because it simply just WAS the highest grossing movie. It deserved it because it drew the crowds and brought in the cash - individual opinions just don't count in the face of that.
bleazy (0)
No way did this movie deserve as much money as it made. The story was all right, but not worth the time it spent to sit in the movie theater and watch.
ma duron (61)
Perhaps the debate might be: 'Hundreds of movies that were much, much better than 'Titanic', deserved to gross that much higher'.
Drummond (55)
To put it lightly.
MissPackRat (34)
I prefer the older versions of the film.
FranksWildYears (41)
Just because they sell millions of Bic Macs every year doesn't mean they are the best food ever made. Titanic was a blockbuster movie made for mass consumption and people ate it up went back for more, but generally they were no better nourished for having done so. But take a look around you. It's not like most of what is offered to the public for entertainment is brilliant, stimulating and satisfying. North America has been surviving on a diet of intellectually empty calaories for a couple of genrations. Game shows, Roller Derby, Reality TV, video games, and handheld wireless communicators. What are those for? How did people buy groceries before the cell phone was invented? Are we too busy to write out a list of the things we need at the store these days? Is there someone at the other end of the phone with there head in the pantry saying, "got it, got it , got it, need it."? Maybe I should switch to decaf.
Jed1000 (71)
I don't know. The word "deserve" is problematic. It's far (in my opinion.. very far) from being the best movie ever made. My own favorite movies are rarely the kind that end up making lots of money. On the other hand it was hugely entertaining to some. If the producers did a good job at marketing and providing entertainment that lots of people wanted to see then who are we to say it didn't "deserve" to make lots of money?
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