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Hartford, CTGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:2.86 based on 14 ratings
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This item was submitted by caphillsea77 (32) on 1/7/2006 5:22:52 PM.

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CTguy1001 (0)
It's OK. Friendlier than Boston. Unlike what somebody below me said, it's more like an hour and forty-five minutes to New York and two hours and ten minutes from Boston (though why would you want to go to Boston when New York is the same distance from Hartford and infinitely better). Along I-84 outside of Hartford, it looks like Jersey with all the strip malls, industry, development, etc. Not really quintessential New England (because Connecticut has been more like New York from the early 1900s on). Downtown has architectural elements of Boston, New York, and Newark that sometimes seem to clash... or creating an interesting mix, depending on how you look at it. It really is where New England meets New York culturally. The northeast corridor city of Hartford is really only 125,000 people large and in no way, shape, or form does it resemble the rust belt city of Detroit, Michigan. Up the Connecticut River, in Massachusetts, Springfield makes Hartford look like Paris.

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BeanoCook (3)
Not so much.

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jimorama (4)
In 20 years, the artists will be priced out of Boston and New York. If you want to avoid the Stepford Wife/Chizzle Faced Chuckie Syndrome of Fairfield County and still want access to the beach in 40 minutes, Vermont in 1.5 hours, Boston in 1.5 hours, NYC in 2....where do you go? Hartford had hit the trough a few years back...its prime geographic center will be effectively utilized soon. Remember, long before insurance...it was a literary hotbed. Check out there area and REALLY see whats going on here....

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minkey (40)
Hartford, city of over 1 million, has no grocery store of movie theatre inside it. It's bizarre - life is not at all catered to residents. The vast majority of working people commute in. There are some great work opportunities in the finance or insurance industry. But once 5:00 rolls around you will find the city to be a desolate place. I know of one hip coffee shop to speak of downtown, besides Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. There is one park - Bushnell Park - which is a bright spot. However, you will find no pickup basketball courts or baseball fields. Trinity College is located within city limits, another bright spot. Cost of living is not cheap, I spent more on rent living there than San Francisco.

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kingguiness (13)
Been through a few times. Totally unimpressed!

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caphillsea77 (32)
Hartford is the Detroit of New England. It's got scary neighborhoods and a bland corporate downtown where the sidewalks roll up after 6:00. It's got a few wealthy suburbs that think they're special and couldn't care less about putting any vibrancy into the city. People in the area think it's coming back just because of a new convention center yet this city lost it's only sports franchise (the NHL: Hartford Whalers) to North Carolina. Sad.

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