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Overall Rating: 3.63 based on 8 ratings
ItemImageIf nothing else, you made it!

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twansalem (38)
The graduation ceremony itself was pretty much pointless. My five star rating is for actually graduating, not the ceremony.

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HistoryFan (98)
Ahh....a sense of accomplishment!

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CastleBee (83)
My ticket out of the Twilight Zone known as Academia.

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kamylienne (78)
My graduation sucked. There was a pretty bad winter storm, they had us march out at the wrong time, had us walk back, then back out again. My last name, being Chinese, was hard to pronounce, so I made it a point to write it phoenetically on the name card. Well, the lady pronounced my last name right . . . she just butchered my first name (it's a fairly common name! At that point, I just shrugged and went with it). One of the speeches was about the student's greatest college experience . . . when she spent a semester at another college across the country (which I thought was actually pretty funny). The only good thing about it was, because of the storm, the speaker got up and said that they'd cut out most of the speeches.

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OrangeCharlie (5)
We had our graduation at the Meadowlands in NJ at the arena. I spent most of it wandering through the dressing rooms in awe of all the famous people who had been there. It was so cool. Since were had to get there painfully early I also walked up onto the empty stage and sang a few notes because I always told people I would one day sing on the stage there. HAHA!

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CanadaSucks (48)
Important, but it took too damn long. It's like they start asking you for money already as a soon-to-be-alum. And those chicks squealing on their cell phones while waving to family members in the audience. . .rude sh#t.

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minkey (36)
A few thousand students dress in their gowns and walk through a ceremony to mark the beginning of the rest of their lives. They are young and exuberant and brimming with potential. Are they prepared to hang on to that feeling, when pedestrian reality will try to box them in? - Po Bronson

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