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Maureen Dowd

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.33) based on 9 ratings

Syndicated by the NY Times, she recently wrote a book entitled, "Are Men Necessary?" (Add picture)

This item was submitted by EschewObfuscation (67) on 12/6/2005 11:25:32 PM.

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RosalindLord (0)
I only read her essay "What's a Modern Girl To Do, " excerpted from the book.

I think this woman should get out of her Beltway/limousine-pseudo-liberal social circle and explore the real world.

Either her friends and dates are hopelessly shallow, or she is, or both. Considering that a lot of her columns ridicule politicians' appearance and personalities more than discuss their policies, it's probably both.

I don't understand why she doesn't stop whining and just take up with a different crowd. But I guess if she did, she wouldn't be having this publicity stunt.

I probably shouldn't be surprised that the NY Times published her essay, since they gave Judith Miller prominence.

It is sad though. Unfortunately, it is only one of many examples of how the mainstream media has been deteriorating; especially in recent years. The amount of fluff in the New York Times has been going up, while the amount of quality news has been going down.

Boycott the mainstream media!
lestat2468 (1)
She's a witty putz.1
Underspin (28)
Her elitist Bush-bashing columns in the NYTimes are as predictable as they are tedious. Yet another northeastern "intellectual" who is WAY out of touch with the average American as well as what is actually good about this country. Case in point, Dowd's new book "Are Men Necessary: When Sexes Collide" brings her shrill, whiney PC commentary to a new low. "No guy will marry me because I'm so intellectually brilliant and successful - clearly I'm a threat to male self-esteem - that's why I'm a spinster!" she states in her book time and again. Yup guys, she really thinks this, and this thinly-disguised, delusional premise on her part essentially sums up her new book. Clearly, self-reflection is not Madame Dowd's strong suit. Seemingly, never once has this writer so much as wondered whether her hostile, demeaning, uber-feminist attitudes have anything to do with the state of her own personal happiness and marital status. Gee, all that Ivy-League education and for what - not a sliver of common sense? Evidently it is so! 6
daedalus (36)
One of the less consistent writers for the NY Times. She is nearly the exact (opposite) reflection of Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal.2
Drummond (54)
An iconoclast to the end.3
EschewObfuscation (67)
Oddly, I like her. She's whiny and wrong on so many levels but, I like her.2
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