God and family

In a world where "guys" obviously worship materialism and selfishness, there are those who put God and family first.
Added on 12/06/2005
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God and family 1

It drives me nuts when you invite God over to watch the game and he brings his wife and kids without asking.

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God and family 4

According to a wise Marine, "God, Family, Country, Corps."

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God and family 1

Hey zealots, separate these items and you might have something we freethinkers can rate. . .as it stands, this reads like "rate potatoes and Southwest Airlines"

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God and family 3

My kids are damn important to me.

God, not so much.

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God and family 2

Family (only reason for the 2), a resounding YES! God, an even more resounding NO! Its not about serving the husband, its about a family all respecting each other and realizing that those young people will soon be us. Prepare them to contribute to the world and the people in it, not worship, serve, obey!! Religion is a private, personal thing that individuals can decide from within, it has no place in young minds, let them mature and make their own decisions based on the facts presented.

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God and family 5

At the top with the first on the list, just shows that there are a few things in life that we must all have to be whole.

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