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its good!!

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Free Weights 5

I've been using my father's old set of free-weights since I started working out as a teenager, although I've consistently added on to them over the years. I occasionally thought about joining a gym, but it's harder to formulate excuses for not working out if you know the weights are in the very next room. I can't say I "enjoy" the workout, per se, but the feeling afterwards is great, when you really tap into those endorphyns...sort of like taking God's own narcotic. Put on my CD, limber up, and go to town. I do try to alternate the free-weights with something aerobic (I like jogging, although my enthusiasm for this is diminishing with age). Still, nothing feels better or more productive than a good ol' fashioned workout session with the heavy iron.

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Free Weights 5

I always get the best results from dumbells. That and the really twisted stuff I had to do because sergeants don't really take no for an answer.

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Free Weights 5

These are an old standby for me.They're there in the basement antyime I want a good old fashioned workout.Freeweights are the time tested method for strength training,and used properly they also help maintain flexibility.( a little cool-down stretching also goes a long way towards this end).Even when I belonged to various Gyms,it was always good to know I had a set of barbells,dumbells and a bench on hand in case I didn't make it to the gym for one reason or another.Of course,people get injured at times using freeweights-usually because they are not using good form in the exercise or they have piled on too much weight.If you want to lift heavy,use a spotter.

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