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Overall Rating: 3.50 based on 8 ratings

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rockerrreds (8)
Smart enough to remark that George W. Bush is "the worst President in my lifetime".1
abichara (57)
Dean's a bright guy. Look beyond the media induced hype of the famous Dean scream and you'll find someone who implemented some very far sighted ideas as governor of Vermont, especially in the field of health care. Do I think he was cut out to be President, or even head of the Democratic National Committee? No, but there are certainly a lot worse choices out there. 4
GenghisTheHun (155)
Howard can't be too bright with all the stupid stuff he keeps spitting out.

I am sure the GOP loves him. Maybe Karl Rove engineered this appointment also. Where are you, all ye conspiracy buffs?
CanadaSucks (38)
Intelligent, but has the Quayle-esque gift of saying the strangest things when the microphones are on. . .2
Redoedo (42)
If he is intelligent there is clearly some sort of miscommunication between his brain and vocal cords. 1
callitdowntheline75 (45)
For all his pettiness and abrasiveness to many, people seem to forget that Howard Dean is a physician by trade (like his nemesis, Bill Frist). But behind all of that ranting and raving is a very intelligent man. And it takes considerable intelligence for someone to rise from being a physician to becoming Vermont's governor, and from there being a presidential candidate- and later on becoming Chairman of the Democratic Party. Howard Dean is anything but stupid.2
Drummond (56)
Says the right things in the wrong way, but he sure manhandled Wolf Blitzer the other day when Blitzer was trying to spin the Abramoff scandal as somehow bipartisan.2
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