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Bring your dog into the office

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bobble-head (33)
A few weeks ago I told my secretary she couldn't bring her dog into the office with her. It turns out that it was Take Your Kid to Work Day, and needless to say I had quite a bit of apologizing to do once I put my glasses on.2
Jamie McBain (33)
It would however depend on the place of work's policy of pets in the workplace.1
chihuahua2 (20)
I've done it before and would do it again if i worked in a place that allowed pets.3
Gentle Jude (26)
It all depends on what type of employer you have. If they like dogs and they are the more easy going sort, then this wouldn't be as bad. But if it is someone who hates dogs, a different story. Plus it all depends on whether you ask permission, your rank, and whether animals are allowed on the property or not. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you were the supervisor. But if the dog was one of the more playful breads like a boxer, then this wouldn't be a good idea. The dog would jump on everyone and distract people.2
trebon1038 (57)
As a dog groomer and my other job being at a vet clinic, it would be strange to not take your dog to work! I take mine to work to bathe them.5
kamylienne (76)
If I had a dog, I would . . . of course, working at a vet's office, this is normal . . . 5
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