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Subaru 1

I bought a new Subaru 4x4 in 1984 and had to replace the engine at 60k miles.  The quality may have improved since 1984, but they lost my trust and I'll never own another Subaru.

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Subaru 5

I love Subaru cars because: 1.) They are all-wheel drive (the good ones anyway) 2.) They have horizontally opposed engines 3.) Turbochargers make them go VERY fast 4.) A well tuned Subie is a thing of beauty that is more rare and much faster than your run of the mill Honda Civic ricer Anyway, thats just why I like them. You might like them because they are reliable or maybe because you can haul lots of stuff around in them....or maybe just because you can get them in Rally Blue and pretend your Peter Solberg or Colin McRay as you powerslide through a turn on a dirt covered country road. Or maybe you like them because you know you could do all that if you wanted to.

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