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Overall Rating:3.32 based on 96 ratings
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Loerke (53)
I've been to Budapest twice, for a couple of nights each time. Though my knowledge of Hungary has been limited to that city so far, I'd ready to see more, based on how hip and artsy the people are in Budapest. It's the most gorgeous capital city I've ever seen (see the reviews of Budpest). I was a bit surprised not to see more American tourists there; Americans' ineptitude with foreign languages isn't a problem there, since tourists from no country manage to figure out Hungarian. Tourists from other countries have also figured out that their money goes far there, since the forinth currency suffers from annual inflation of more than seven percent. This means that it's one of the few places anymore where the U.S. dollar is relatively stronger. Take advantage now, before it's too late: Hungary switches to the Euro in a few years.

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Sharp (1)
Causes lots of trouble

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B_REAL (0)
Hungary ROCKS! The food, the people and the parties are the best! Will visit again soon, you should too! It's not a communist country anymore people!!! C U THERE:)

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Sundiszno (32)
For the American tourist's sake, let's hope that Hungary doesn't progress too rapidly from the way it is today. Comments based upon five visits to Hungary between 1997 and 2004. There's plenty to see throughout Hungary in addition to just Budapest, such as the Lake Balaton area, the Danube Bend, and countless villages that still retain an old-world character. Although somehat of a staged event for tourists, a visit to a Hungarian horse farm to see Hungarian cowboys go through their paces is really worth it - the things they can do on horseback put some circus acts to shame. Lots of attractions in Budapest itself (see separate rating of Budapest under Cities). Prices for meals outside Budapest (which are moderate there to begin with) are unbelievably cheap, and the food is really good. Had a meal in a little restuarant (Feher Akac, The White Acacia) in a place called Per that was so good I'd almost take another trip to Hungary just to go there again (and it cost about four dollars, drinks and all!). Problem is, it may be tough to find English-speakers in small towns, although I believe that English is being pretty widely taught beginning in elementary school these days. Hungarians I've met are a pretty outgoing lot (I've heard them described as Italian wannabes, but as far as I'm concerned, the Magyars can stand on their own). Back to food: there is a good variety of food (plenty other than gulyas, or goulash - turkey dishes, fish from Balaton, lots of pickled foods, fabulous desserts, and the list goes on). Wines are better than average, and the local firewater (palinka) is hard to match if you get the right stuff. Warning: If you are ever offered Paprika palinks, a green liquor made with hot peppers and palinka, drink at your own risk - it's the hottest stuff I have ever tasted. Language (Magyar) is reputed to be one of thwierdest and toughest in Europe, but if you don't speak anything other than English and possibly French or German (both of which could be helpful in Hungary), Magyar is no better or worse than, say, Polish. Hotels I have stayed at in Hungary tended to be high-end (Kempinski and Atrium in Budapest, and some less stellar ones in places like Szombathely), but all were good to phenomenal, with attentive staffs and good breakfasts. In summation, Hungary is a great travel destination, at least for the time being (average wage for a Hungarian is about $400-500 a month, which is why it's still so affordable for us). Even if prices go up, it's a place worth visiting.

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Daccory (15)
I was very surprised by Hungary, expecting to see a typical ex-communist state of housing blocks. How wrong I was. Very Austrian in feel, with a romany touch, the country was very pretty, untouched by too much commerce. How long it stays that way, remains to be seen.

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