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Overall Rating:4.00 based on 5 ratings
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CaptainCredit (0)
This is a very fine rifle, but a bit overpriced in the market today. It's a classic, along with the AR-15, FN/FAL, and AK-47. Very very well made (the Germans know what they are doing), but not worth some of the crazy prices they are fetching today.

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Silver Eagle 252 (8)
Never had the opportunity to own one, but got to fire one a couple of times. A cool looking assault rifle that fires smoothly and accurately. Way too expensive. HK makes good weapons. If you can get to a firing range that allows full auto (Nevada has a couple of good places), don't pass up the opportunity.

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biggunjay6 (0)
Typical German over engineering in this design. Reliable yes...accurate...somewhat....easy to repair and maintain...not really...takes very specilized equip to ever replace the barrel...difficult to headspace....and very much overpriced...give me a FAL any day

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CornCob (0)
One of the best military style rifles in the world. Based on the H&K; G3 roller locker blow back design. Powerfull 7.62 (.308). Tewenty round clips feed smooth and never jam. It looks good too, the kinda scary looking to anti-gun people. Saddly no longer imported thanks to assalt weapon bans. That has caused the price to go up beyond what most of us can justify.

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