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Wendy's hamburgers

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.14) based on 14 ratings

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snaco (0)
Now I make wendys burgers at home. I used to buy them but that sucks now.
MissPackRat (29)
Not my first choice in fast food. I'm more of a Burger King girl.4
phunt (1)
Wendy's in Carmel Mtn., a community in northern San Diego, was closed yesterday in honor or the May 1 immigrant march. I will not support a business that supports the breaking of our country's immigration laws, and have noted that Wendy's hires predominately migrant labor. IF YOU CARE ABOUT AMERICA, DO NOT EAT AT WENDY'S!0
kattwoman (24)
wendy's used to be my favorite but every burger that we have got from there tastes like its been soaking in a pan of water. it has no flavor and everything is soggy.1
Wendys first started becoming popular when I was in high school. Wendys cheesburgers tasted like real fresh grilled burgers. I loved their cheeseburgers, and ate there regularly through high school and the entire time my son was growing up.
After the rest of the burger places started serving heat lamp or microwave rewarmed leftovers, Wendys still made the real deal. UNTIL...
About ten years ago I went to a Wendys and ordered a CHEESEBURGER. What I got was a HAMBURGEr with a cold peice of cheese slapped on it. ECH!. I called their corporate headquarters to tell them about it, and was told that they were now doing that to meet health regulation requirements. My wife happens to work in the corporate offices of one of their competitors, and told me that was a crock.
I don't like a hamburger with cold cheese on it, that is NOT a cheeseburger.
I like being lied to even less.
I haven't eaten at a Wendys since, and even if they started making real fresh burgers again, I wouldn't go back.
Redoedo (41)
Better than the alternative "crap food" choices-- but still nothing to boast of. 1
abichara (54)
Yes...but what you really have to watch out for is finding a human finger in your Wendy's chili! Never mind the quality of the meat! 1
Djahuti (55)
I avoid McDonalds and Burger King as well.If I'm on the road,and totally desperate,maybe I'll eat "fast food" but I usually bring a sandwich in the cooler or find a pizza joint or chinese restaraunt for a quick bite.0
Molfan (54)
we still go to Wendys. there are okay. not my favorite burger place. there are quite a few items to choose from if you do not want an actual burger. 0
SZinHonshu (49)
This is a reflection of age. I've been working out in the gym like a demon the past few weeks and playing dodgeball at night. I'd love to slam back a couple double cheeseburgers but it would sort of defeat the entire purpose. Lord I pine for the bygone days when I used to burn calories like a nuclear furnace.1
aWiseguy (71)
Haven't had one in 10 yrs. Hamburger joints pretty much suck, IMO.3
kamylienne (76)
I've noticed this one, too, sadly; what's up with the steam-rolled mystery meat? It used to have some thickness to it, but literally the last few times I actually got a burger from there they had holes in the meat because it was so thin. Meh, it's probably for the better, though . . . maybe it'll get me to stop eating fast food entirely.2
traderboy (24)
Originally, I thought this might just be a localized problem: the hamburgers I was getting were half-cold, flavorless blotches thrown in between flattened buns (with the browner layer of the top bun crumbling away). Adding salt to a Wendy's burger usually makes 'em better, but I was slathering on enough sodium to make a New England winter road crew envious, and, for the sake of my arteries, had to stop doing this. Tried everything else I could think of (changing toppings, eating in-store, ordering at different times, out-of-town purchases, etc.), but they just weren't improving. I'd complain to the front office, but failing an exhumation and resurrection of Dave Thomas himself, I doubt that anything positive would come of it. Now all I can do is remember when these were hell-and-gone the best fast-food burgers you could get: perfectly square, the right thickness, and juicy hot (without being too greasy or chewy). While it's not as drive-thru convenient, making my own sandwiches IS a quantum-leap improvement: I know what's going into them, and how and when it was done. 4
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