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Added on 10/10/2005
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ExecutiveAssis tant
08/16/2011 1

Please DO NOT use they will rip you off and give you the run around! I needed to change information on my trip.

Once you make a reservation, "their system goes down" and they can not open it or look at your reservation. Guess what? IT"S A LIE! All they do IS LIE.

They said they contacted the reserved Hotel, They NEVER did! I called the reserved hotel myself, They had no notes of calling! The reserved Hotel where the reservation was made was kind and stated all the company had to do was fax them.

I called back and gave them a name and fax to the reserved hotel. had the audacity to ask if I was already there checked into the hotel??? WTH! My reservation was for a month out! At this point I just wanted a refund... Apparently, you can not have one, even if your reservation was messed up by, is a sham of a company. Please do not use, I don't want anyone else getting swindled like I did! Now I have to call my credit card company and disbute the charges. I have at this moment spent 2 full days and 4 hours trying to JUST fix the mistake THEY made. Now I have to fight them with my credit card company.

As I have typed this up.. lol has stated they can not get through to the hotel that was reserved. Funny, because I got through.... Then when I told her that, she then hung up on me. Once again, Please don't waste your time with

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08/05/2011 1

I would say skip this site. They rip you off. Their site does not reflect the correct information about the hotel your staying at. We stayed at the DoubleTree in Orlando their Valet parking is 18 dollars a day where quoted 15 dollars a day. Also quoted 85 a night where in actuality the room rate was 69 a night. The hotel put the folio under the door reflecting the correct room rate.

You call them about it good luck you have to get really mad and mean to get anything out of them. If your nice you will get NOTHING. So if you have a problem. Act as if the person on the phone did it and rip them a new one. Then you may get a voucher for future travel that's it.

Buyer be ware!!

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08/03/2011 1

This is my experience:

First, the hotel booking.
I called the rep, he got me a good deal and gave him my billing info. He charged me, we both smiled and hung up. That's when the trouble started.

I recieve an email that said thank you for your booking and confirming my reservation. Then another email telling me that the reservation was not made! And then another, and another. After 4 emails saying that my reservation was cancelled, I received a final one saying how my reservation was confirmed. OK.

So I called the hotel, just to make sure.

They told me they had two rooms reserved for me. Wait. TWO!? I booked only one!

The lady told me to call immediately and cancel one of the rooms.

I checked my bank account and guess what I found: Three charges for the same amount of the booking!

I called and was on hold for the rest of my life. Eventually I managed to get to a representative who told me she would fix things. Ok.

I checked my bank account the next day and only one of the two extra charges was refunded. So I called again. On hold again from dusk till dawn. The rep who eventually answers tells me that they will "process" my refund. Good.

Good, right?

Days pass, no refund, so I decide to cancel my reservation. At this point, I hated their customer support, their system their extra billings and being on hold!!

It's been two weeks since then and they still owe me hundreds of dollars from a refund that's "being processed."

I called the rep today, and mid way through telling him my story (in polite, calm fashion), the call disconnected. I don't want to assume he just hung up, but it's frustrating, none the less.

You book with them for the deals, but let me tell you: things rarely go as planned, and there's a high probability that you will need to contact customer support. Because of this, I would steer clear of, so you can avoid plenty of frustration in the future.

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08/01/2011 1

Should be -5. They jumped in on a reservation, made it sound like they were the reservation link to the motel but in fact they are a bunch of CROOKS and nothing they state is true. According to them Credit Card will not be charged in advance but the Motel policy is to charge all cards that come in off the internet. They have no Contract or any connection with Motel. They state no cancellation charge before 7 days of the reservation, wrong Motel charges anytime.

They give an 800 numnber to call, "Not Working Today for Tech Problems" What a bunch of low lifes.

I called the Motel and they can't even get in contact with them also was told they are part of Expedia. Told they can't do anything until I can get Hotel. com do something, No responce to my E-mails and the phone # doesn't work.

They need to be sued and jailed for Fraud.

Dale Johnson

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07/23/2011 1

I wish there were minus stars. is the worse service I received in while from anyone as far as I can Remeber most like ever in my life. I booked 2 rooms with 2 double beds and paid for it with my credit card. I received a confirmation with the address of the hotel. I get to the hotel and they have record for the reservation what so ever and they had no two rooms available with two doublebeds what so ever. I called customer service at the and after 20 minutes in hold I was able to speak to someone. After explaning him the situation he told me to hold because he was going to figure it out what was going on with the everything. After another 20 minute in hold he came empty handed and had no answer for me so he ditch me by saying that someone was going to call me back with a resolution in 4-5 minutes. After 35 minutes I called back and started complaning about the bizarre service that I was getting from their company and they told me that will conect me to the manager by putting me in hild forever I waited over one hour in hold and no one answered me. Here I am it is closing 11 a clock my wife was calling other hotels and no one had any rooms available. The are the worse company in the world I will never ever purchase their service again and will look fowards to sue them and get even with them in any and every way.

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07/12/2011 1

I do not recommend using, nor will I use the service ever again. I had a confirmation number from and had PREPAID for my hotel through them and when I arrived at the hotel they said they did not have a room for me. They moved my family to an extremely sub par hotel. While they did cover the cost of the replacement hotel, it was nowhere near as nice as the original I booked. When you have a confirmation number and prepayment, you should feel confident that you'll have a room when you arrive in your destination city. With this is not the case.

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Sometimes when booking a hotel, seemingly on that hotel's web site, "sneaks" in and takes over the reservation. On such an occasion, we needed to cancel our reservation; and after calling the hotel and cancelling, they told me I also needed to cancel with, or I wouldn't get back the money (credit card charge).

So tediously we attempted to call and/or cancel by website. Both proved impossible, waiting on the phone on hold for half an hour, and the website said we didn't even have a reservation, thus precluding a link to cancel it.

We finally had to call the credit card company to dispute the charge, explaining that ostensibly said cancelling before 6pm was allowed, but this is meaningless if one cannot contact them.

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10/17/2010 4

I like I booked a reservation through them, and I received my discount with a nice room at the hotel I arrived at. The customer service support were nice and respectful, and they also took their time. I think is worth it.

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02/05/2010 1

Almost all travel sites have a nonrefundable option and at least a short grace period when someone makes a mistake putting in a reservation. Apparently, you have NO grace period and anyone that takes a "nonrefundable" is stuck with you HIGHER prices. I will never use your site again as long as this policy is in place because you rates are at least 14% high than other sites! I will be pasting this into travel site evaluation & blogs if there is no compensation from

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06/04/2008 1

This site is a total rip off. They do not understand the definition of words like reservation  or guarantee. I travelled all the way to Orlando Fl, aprrox 215 miles from my home to attend a trade show at the Orange County Convention Center. I booked through and prepaid for a hotel room at the Ramada Convention Center. When I arrived I was told that they had no such reservation, never faxed my reservation to Ramada. I then called and they apologized for their mistake and they offered to cancel that reservation and reserve me a different room at a different hotel. They put me on hold while they "called" said hotel to be certain that a room was available for me when I arrived. When I arrived at the second hotel, that I again prepaid for, they informed me that they had been sold out since early that day and I must be mistaken. I called again and they were once again very apologetic and said that they would cancel the second reservation and get me a different room in a different hotel. I said forget it just refund my card for all of the previous charges. All of the hotels were sold out as a result of the trade show I was no longer attending and I was forced to drive another 215 miles home. On Monday my card was charged for both rooms that they failed to provide, when I called them they said that they refunded all of the charges right then and there. They hadn't done it when originally requested, now I was out travel time and money, and two rooms that I had not stayed in. Today the money was returned which was good, but I am still out the travel time and money. This site is a joke, whatever you do, don't book anything through I checked on Consumer Affairs and there are tons of complaints against

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08/11/2007 5 is great.  Be patient with the reps and kind to them....they will be kind to you.

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11/05/2005 1

Call the hotel it is SOOOOO much cheaper. rips you off for a standard room costing $30 thru the hotel, will charge you $50-70. Not worth the hassle.

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10/10/2005 2

Be very careful. Rooms are cheap but are usually the worst in the house.

I have a favorite moderate hotel near LAX which I stay in several times a year. Regular lowest price gives me a nice "inside" room.

Once time I saw I could save something like $20 through Showed up and got a junky room in the oldest, motel part of the hotel. When I objected to the room I was told those were the "cheap online booking" rooms.

Fortunately, they had compassion and moved me to my usual along with my promise I would book directly in the future. Goodbye

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