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The incumbent is Sen. Mike DeWine (R). Challengers include attorney Paul Hackett (D) and Congressman Sherrod Brown (D). (Add picture)

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Jed1000 (77)
Close call but I think the Democrats will take this one from the GOP.9
luridlloyd (8)
From far away it looks like all Ohio Republicans are corrupt. All the voter intimidation, long lines in urban areas, coingate,and scrubbing voter roles, makes any Republican win look tainted. Any GOP winner in a Blakwell supervised election looks bad.
A lot of monitering will be done in Ohio, and that makes Brown's chances seem good. The rest of us will be watching Ohio.
abichara (56)
I would probably rate the Ohio race as one of the most competitive in the nation. Senator Mike DeWine is probably facing the most important race of his career against Congressman Sherrod Brown. Two things are hurting DeWine's chances: one is an ongoing political scandal which has embroiled several top GOP office holders in the state. Although DeWine has nothing to do with it, he is seen as a GOP establishment type, so the dirt's rubbing off on him despite his lack of culpability in the matter. Secondly, the national political climate, which is increasingly becoming anti-GOP, is hurting his chances for re-election. In swing states like Ohio, this is most evident. Adding to his problems are some political problems that he's having with conservative activists in Ohio. Many of these conservatives feel that DeWine hasn't held the line on lower taxes and spending. This is important because DeWine's going to need all the votes he can get to win. Lower Republican turnout, along with a strongly energized Democratic base can be deadly to the incumbents chances. At the rate things are going, it's becoming increasingly likely that Democrats will pick up a seat here. 3
Drummond (54)
With Hackett dropping out early, Brown's chances are looking pretty good.1
louiethe20th (65)
Time for the RepublicansInNameOnly to pay up. That means you Mr. Dewine and you Mr.Voinovich. If we wanted Dems we would have elected them.1
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