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Overall Rating:2.52 based on 25 ratings
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Aaclarko (0)
i think that the weaver family are the overall strongest.Loosing your husband/dad is the hardest thing in the world and for the weavers to get through that and then go and do the race it is awesome.
All the other teams needed to take a step back and realise that they have been through enough.the weavers were a good team but i think that rolly really stood up and helped the whole family push through,and i no that being the man of the family is not easy especially when you are 14 (and yes i know)but in the end it was the whole family that stuck together and that is why they came 3rd. good on them

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rachel225 (0)
all i just want to say is well done the weavers family on coming 3rd and all those people who are disrespectful to them they should get a life. They were only being themselves i respect that. i go for them all the way. How would you fell if u had all the other teams against u and u didnt even do anything wrong! i respect rolly for being the man of the team he basically kept the team going so go rolly. but anyway those people who want to critacise them just think how u would act if the people u were with for most of the time were against u and if u lost ur husband or dad not long ago before u started the amazing race.

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emmo (0)
i think they were really good and i was rooting for them the whole way! it doesnt matter if they were always praying and stuff, thats just who they are. im glad they came third at least! rolly was a gun (and cute). im glad they got on the amazing race

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jycwind (0)
after the treatment they are recieving especially from Linz family I WANT THEM TO WIN> GO WEAVER FAMILY GO

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reneedufresne1990 (0)
I hated this team so much all they say through out the whole leg is "lord help us with this lord help us with that" talk about greedy and the only reason the got there is luck they didn't deserve anything they got.......

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Canadianboy (0)
Not a nicey bunch, but they also had to overcome a difficult obstacle. I think they did a phenomenal job of coming in third place.

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TeePee (0)
So nobody liked them. So they were jerks. They still worked really well as a team and nabbed third place.

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satcomaniac (0)
Horrible hypocritical sore losers with no self respect. That little boy Roly does'nt stand a chance in that family of the wicked witch and her ugly stepdaughters. (Ugly does not necessarily mean their looks, but more their attitude). You feign religion because a true Christian would never behave as they do.

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Jed1000 (72)
The most unpleasant and unappealing group of people I've ever seen on this program.. by a wide margin. They keep reminding us that they are "the only Christian family" in the race yet almost every word out of their mouths is unpleasant, uncharitable, derisive, and cruel. DJ Paolo looked "retarded." The other teams will "probably all spend their money on boob jobs." Every place they visit is "lame" or "ugly." They throw trash out their windows at the other teams. They laugh at the Paolos for being pictured in front of a garbage truck. They quip that everyone in Utah must work at a landfill. They offer that everyone in Utah must be skinny because they haven't seen any McDonalds... like those two girls busting out of their hotpants need any more visits to McDonald's. And to make matters worse Mama Weaver joins in with all her bratty kids' snarky comments. And while we're on the subject of Mama Weaver... "revigorates"(sic)?? "enjuvenates"(sic)?? And let's not forget that she once pointed out to her kids that Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana was "one of the Great Lakes." Ouch. This woman is a teacher??? Can't leave soon enough for me.

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LoneUSFullHouseFan (3)
I sympathize with anyone who loses their husband, but let's face it, they're slow. "Your next clue is in Pennsylvania. Does that mean the state of Pennsylvania?" Considering that I live there, I'm quite sure it's the state of Pennsylvania.

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maersk (2)
cant wait for the godsters to get philiminated

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tashahockeycrazy (0)
i think the waever family is oging to go far because they are such a team! the son is hot

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OrangeDingo (0)
The Rowdy Weavers. I think that they will go far, unless they get some serious bad luck (Ex. Flat tires. Things they cannot control). They seem like a very unified family, with little to no bickering. They are very supportive of each other, and are a physically strong team. They are loud and hyper, yes, but that just means they are excited - and motivated to win the game. I think they little names for the other teams are kind of cute, since they are meant in jest, nothing else. They are my second favourite team (Gaghan is my favourite).

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CherrySoda99 (29)
They scream so loud. They're all so...hyper. They're a bit annoying too. The called the kids rugrats.

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