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Flightplan (Tower.com)$53.18
Flightplan (Tower.com)$19.51
Flightplan (Tower.com)$16.58
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Overall Rating: 3.76 based on 17 ratings

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fluffytuffy (2)
I found I could not wrap myself up totally in this movie, I like Jodie Foster, but found she was a bit unbelievable in the role. I just could not care about her plight and character much.  Plus, I have worked on jets before and just could not suspend my belief when they went into the cargo hold area and you could practically hold a New Years Eve party with a cast of thousands inside it, yea, right like THAT jet would get off the ground!!  I wanted to like the movie, but just could not swallow most of it.2
lorigee (2)
I enjoyed this movie but probably would not see it again, it was a bit anticlimactic. THe plot was majorly far-fetched although Jodie Foster did a fine performance in this movie.2
louiethe20th (64)
I really enjoyed this one. Thought Jodie Foster did a really good job in this movie. I thought the twist at the end made this film a 4 star instead of a 3.6
Marineko (0)
Slow mover, not engaging. You never really connected with Jodie's character.1
blue47 (12)
I thought it was above average, but then I enjoy Jodie Foster.2
Redoedo (42)
I was skeptical initially as the first fifteen or twenty minutes of the film were slow--- but gradually the story picked up and from that point it was highly enjoyable. Solid performances by all, especially Foster--- and highly suspenseful. 1
PzKpfw VI E (26)
Have to agree with CanadaSucks here, it was a good movie with an anti-climatic ending. However, he mentioned Fosters' performance, but I would like to mention Sargaards', whose as grown to become one of my favourite actors, mostly because of his big-brother like performance in Jarhead.2
AngelInDisguise99 (28)
It wasn't as action packed as the commercial made it out to be, but it still kept my interest.1
CanadaSucks (38)
It was well on its way to 4-stars until a mediocre ending. . .although Jodie Foster does her usual quality work. Enjoyable, but a weak finish.2
Tiffany1986 (34)
This movie was excellent. It really had everything a good suspense should have. Its one that you probably couldn't figure out until its revealed or unless your a good guesser. Kept me on the edge of my seat guessing!3
Evets (0)
I LOVE Jodie Foster, but this movie was nothing more than "Panic Room" on a plane.0
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