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Boingo Wireless is a Wi-Fi Internet service available in over 7000 hot spot locations covering 300 cities and 43 states.
Added on 07/26/2004
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A few months ago while connecting from an airport, Boingo Wireless sneakily downloaded itself to my laptop. I remember being pretty irritated, and wondered why you would need a downloaded client to access the Internet. Of course, I forgot to uninstall it.

So here I am at the airport today trying to connect to the Internet via TMobile, and up pops a Boingo pop-up. All I had to do was click OK, and I was online - as opposed to taking out the credit card, registering for yet another temporary ISP service, looking up my password, etc.

I really did appreciate it. The downloaded app let's me, in theory, store my credit card info on my own machine, as opposed to out in the cloud somewhere.

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