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Overall Rating:4.00 based on 10 ratings
ItemImageReleased in 1982 by Activision, this original side-scrolling platformer stars Pitfall Harry, who must seek treasure while avoiding scorpions and bottomless pits.

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PixarFan2007 (5)
I remember playing this before. It was okay as far as adventure games go, but it's kind of dated.

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RuggedThug (0)
I used to fall down the pit and get killed by the scorpion. I spilled a glass of milk on the atari and it still worked - smelled bad - but still worked.

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CanadaSucks (45)
Without question, an old Atari 2600 HOF classic. . .a must-own. . .

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VirileVagabond (31)
Considered a true classic of the Atari Age, Pitfall! (1982) had several of my friends addicted back in the day. If memory serves, the game was timed (a relative oddity) and had some of the best game play (e.g. scrolling screen, swinging vines, etc.) given the tech limitations associated with the 2600. AMG gives Pitfall! its top rating, but the timed feature results in a loss of a star in my book.

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Silver Eagle 252 (8)
This was one of the best Activision games. Was thrilled to see it as a bonus round in the Nintendo 64 version.

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cheetahzen (0)
I played this game right to left and left to right (and right to left was easier) until I ran out of time. I could never prove that the game is in a loop and you go back through the start. I wished there was a way to add more time as you played...I got every damn possible point I could get and no time...so what's then the point? for its time it was like visual crack replaced only by Pitfall 2 (but that game had flaws). The game had experinced me going down the pit on purpose to see how many times I can jump the scorpion before luck ran out.

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rjy (1)
A good game to play.

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louiethe20th (71)
I used to love this game, I thought it was the greatest thing ever at the time.

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