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Laughing out loud

Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.70) based on 10 ratings

ahhhhh...come on now...you're not REALLY laughing out loud, are you?

This item was submitted by Ridgewalker (110) on 8/31/2005 1:31:47 PM.

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LMK (Thanks vudija)
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tracy0021 (77)
Well there are only so many ways to say this. I use lol, and to break up the monotony go to haha or hehe.. or even OMG that was so funny!..;)4
SharonParry (45)
It's ironic. When reading some of the posts on Rate it all, I want to use this expression because I really am laughing, but, I'll refrain!5
Redoedo (41)
I confess I'm guilty of typing this in when in fact I'm NOT laughing out loud. It seems to have become nothing more than a widely accepted version of internet flattery. 2
redscot (0)
I thought it meant Lots of Love5
irishgit (114)
Guilty. But not all the time, and I stop short of the LMAO's and ROTFL's and the dreaded ROTFLMAOPMP's. Now those are annoying.5
Graymalkin (49)
If it is overused it can become annoying, however I use it with those I feel most comfortable with and try not to use it too much. I do not like to use it when posting a comment; I prefer to use my words or punctuation if needed. I guess you could substitute SS and let it be open to interpretation, Smiling Sweetly, Snidely Sneering, Salaciously Smirking, Stupidly Snickering, the list is endless! 6
texasyankee (23)
I understand how it can be annoying, my sister hates it as well, but I have learned a while back that sarcasm and joking can often be unapparent at times, especially in chat, and have lost friends over comments made in jest when they did not know I was joking/ being sarcastic so as a result I end it with lol, if I am afraid someone might take it serious.2
edt4 (82)
I'm sort of with Ridgewalker on this one. For the longest time, people sent me this in emails and I had absolutely no idea what it was supposed to mean. Finally, I decided to risk sounding stupid and unhip and asked someone I knew from the (ahem) younger generation and they filled me in. I must confess to having used it myself since then when it seemed appropriate, but I've never been entirely comfortable with it, as it just seems silly. Then again, so much does in this day and age (spoken like a true old-codger).4
Ridgewalker (110)
Why does something inside of me cringe when someone responds to anything with an lol? I have this vision, sometime in the near future, in a comedy club: The comedian delivers the punchline. The audience sits there, unchanged. Suddenly, one person blurts out LOL! Then another...and another ...and another, until the whole audience joins in the chorus of LOL! LOL! Then silence. Time for him to start another joke for us to lol to. I'm concerned that, not only are there entire generations of people (young and old) who are repackaging language to minimalistic proportions, but that they don't know that typing three little letters does not produce the same, healthy effects as a real laugh. I frequently ask others if they were really laughing out loud. The typical response is, Well no...not really. lol. It drives me nuts! I have kicked people off my Yahoo Messenger list because they refused to stop using that crap. The paper and ink are FREE. Language is beautiful! Use it!12
numbah16tdhaha (133)
Its wearing on me.3
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