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Overall Rating: 4.38 based on 8 ratings
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Eric gets the ultimate Trapper Keeper, which in the future takes over the world. (Add picture)

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disgust4PCness (19)
A brilliant episode...completely ridiculed liberals...I nearly pissed in my pants. During the kidnergarten class president election recounts (a spoof of the Florida recounts), Mr. Garrison goes on a rant that sounds like Neal Boortz or Mike Adams. Jesse Jackson tries to get in on the action by jumping in to represent the black students needs...until he finds out that there are no black kids in the kidnergarten class. They even "squeeze" Rosie O'Donnell into this episode...but she barely fit. The concept of an "everything in one" Trapper Keeper (complete with a picture of the Dawson's Landing crew on front) pushed this episode into top 5 status for me. References to Bill Cosby and The Terminator make it complete. Absolutely hilarious and a must see...even for liberals...maybe you'll learn something...but I won't hold my breath. I can't wait for the South Park episode that mocks the liberal response to Katrina...that will be a gem.

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zuchinibut (41)
This was a decent episode, but definitely not one of my favorites. The idea of a Trapper Keeper episode is great, but I just think it wasn't as funny as it could have been.

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LanceRoxas (41)
This episode was one of my favorite as it poked fun at the Florida recount and Hollywood liberal elitism epitomized and mocked in this episode by Rosie ODonnel. One of the most hysterical scenes in any of the South Park episodes is when the Kindergarten class can't decide on a class president. The undecided vote is a girl named Flor Ida. ODonnel ends up being one of the students aunts and shows up to voice her opinion causing Mr Garrison to completely lose his mind. His rant is absolutely hysterical! The subplot included a spoof on the Terminator series. (Including a cyborg name Bill Cosby who ends up having sex with Eric's mom.) Cartman's mom buys him a Trapper Keeper 4000 that eventually connects with and absorbs anything in its wake- including in the end, Rosie ODonnel that makes it the whole montrosity sick and eventually dies.

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texasyankee (22)
This episode had so much going on. The best part, I think is when Ike goes to Kindegarten, because he's advanced, and keeps saying I poo in pants

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