French Revolution (1789)

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French Revolution (1789) 2

The Jacobins were filthy murdering pigs. . .

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French Revolution (1789) 3

They tried to set up a democracy and got a dictatorship. (offensive statements about the french have been deleted upon consulting my legal department)

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French Revolution (1789) 1

Today is November 9. On this day in history, in 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte, lead the coup d'etat, known as the 18th Brumaire, named after the date and month of the French Revolutionary Calendar. The coup ended the remnants of the French Revolution and its excesses. The coup had wide popular support from the populace sickened by bloody and soul-less revolutionaries. Napoleon set up the Consulate, with three consuls, similar to the Roman Republic with its two consuls. Napoleon, however, took care to made himself First Consul with more power than the other two. The constitution was changed and the First Consul was able to rule by decree. The 18th Brumaire led to the crowning of Napoleon as Emperor of the French, five years later. Of course the issues and history of the event are much more involved than my few lines. Check it out for yourself.

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