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Added on 12/16/2009
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I read that one of the Isagenix critics (never tried the product) complained that it is way over priced and that the protein was "low grade". The protein that Isagenix uses, as this person misrepresented, is the highest grade whey protein on planet Earth! Isagenix goes all the way to New Zealand to get the protein from what they call "Happy Cows" that have not been grazing on pesticide grass and that have not been pumped with steroids and growth hormones.

But on top of that, the protein is "undenatured" (Google 'undenatured whey protein' to see benefits) which is the highest grade whey on the planet. And on top of that, Isagenix doesn't cook the protein, they flash dry it so as to not cook out any of the effectiveness of the ingredients.

Isagenix is a meal replacement system, so you are redirecting your food budget (I save a lot of money using Isagenix) while potentially saving your life with "super foods." Enter Product B. I've been using this Telomere Support product for 3 months now and the results have been SHOCKING! This is the biggest scientific breakthrough we've ever had on Earth. Thanks to the help of Sierra Science and Dr. Bill Andrews, those who take this product can live MUCH longer AND healthier. See a video at the bottom right of my blog to see why this "will change the world as you know it":

Don't listen to all the critics who don't seem happy in their lives. Remember that most people that criticize ANYTHING do it because they are not content with their own lives. For that reason they love to spread their negative energy. Give it a try, and if you don't like the results, send it back for a full refund. Isagenix is THAT confident that you will get the results you want.

I'd be happy to assist you if you need a coach.

[email protected] or just fill out the contact form on my blog.

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If you want to throw your money down the toilet buy this stuff. Its way over priced, someone i knows sells it and is making 25000 a month. The stuff has a off the wall mark up and is not very good. If you want to throw your money way and make there internet sales people rich go for it.

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Isagenix 1

Isagenix is NOT a scam, and it is a solid and clever company that is crafty at marketing and sells the general public what they want. People who have used this product have seen "AMAZING" results. Of course they would....if you went from eating Little Debbie's, Twinkies, and Snickers bars for gawd's sake, to this is it that hard to believe! if you change your lifestyle, and start working out, you're going to see results *hello*

This is a calorie restricted program, hence, you will lose weight. Not too hard to figure that out.

I am a competitive lifter and do supplement my diet for convenience and to reduce protein degradation as much as possible, but the majority of my diet comes from REAL FOOD and you can get RIPPED without using this product. I did try this product, and it didn't make me gag, but it wasn't all that great. The energy booster did nothing for me, and in fact I took a nap even after two scoops.

Isagenix is overpriced for what you get (only 14 servings in they protein drink!), and I think it's too far-spreading to offer beauty products, but that should be a clue as to who they are marketing to: the middle aged, to early senior woman who wants to look and feel good.

If you bother to look at the ingredients, you will see they use a lower grade whey protein (not isolate, not cross filtered); you can get far better quality products and far better tasting whey protein from for far less money. When you buy this product, it's because you like the person who told you about it and it's appealing that you can make some extra cash.

This product is for the chubby middle-aged housewife who is tired of Pampered Chef.

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Isagenix 5

Isagenix is five star ALL the way. The first month on the Total Health & Wellness pack my psoriasis disappeared and I lost three pounds. I was not even ON the weight loss system! I have tons more energy. Now my husband, daughter and son in law are all taking Isagenix. They are all losing weight and feeling great! I can't say enough GOOD about their products and I recommend them to everyone that I know. No high pressure sales and easy to earn money with as well. An all around fabulous company! Plus their new "Product B" coming out in August will further blow away any other system available! I am an Isagenix user for life!

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I hadn't seen my aunt for a few months until one day I saw her and she had lost a lot of weight. When I asked how she had done it she told me about Isagenix. Her chiropractor first introduced it as she was having knee problems which was exasperated by being over weight. I decided to try it. The first time, I found it was a bit complicated having the shakes at work (I was working long hours and sometimes would have a shake for lunch instead of dinner, etc.). In my opinion the shakes are disgusting if they aren't blended with ice so I didn't last too long on the program. I did notice while I was on it that I wasn't as bloated and had lost about 4 pounds within the first week. I continued to feel relatively good by week 2 and 3 but then decided I wasn't ready for the comittment.

I continued to see my aunt who was still on the program shrink before me so, I started again. I am really hoping I'll be able to stick with it. I am on day 5 and find that I do have increased energy, am sleeping better and feel lighter. I have not weighed myself but, I can tell that I've already lost weight and my skin looks clear and fresh. The downside is that I'm very hungry (I'm doing a cleanse day), I have constant bad breath, am in the bathroom urinating all the time since I'm trying to drink a lot of fluids and feel a bit weak. It's easy to give up when for so long you've adapted to ingesting what you want when you want. Watching my aunt lose at least 60 pounds so far on this program has encouraged me to continue.

In closing I believe that the program does work and that cleansing in general is a healthy practice on the Isagenix program or not. I am not interested and find it a turn off that the business aspect is really agressive and that most of the literature you receive when you first join is about buying into the business. Looking forward to seeing what the next 3 weeks will be like and will post a final review.

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Isagenix 4

only taking natural accelerator on day 3 lost 1lb so far. I workout daily, eat three healthy meals, and two light snacks. I would say its good so far.

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Isagenix 5

Just about to start my second bout with Isagenix; I did it for about 2 1/2 months last year and it was the best thing I've ever done for my body. I lost 24lbs, which was enough for me to lose which is why I stopped using it. It completely rid my body of my sugar cravings, I can't even describe the mental clarity I experienced, as well as the energy. Unbelievable. My skin hadn't been that clear in years. I loved everything that it did for me. I couldn't use the Ionix Supreme, that's my one complaint, I just couldn't stand the taste, so I opted not to use it. Didn't make a difference. Yes the cleanse days are hard, you'll be tired because you're hungry, but that next morning and your shake are waiting for you and they're delicious! I added half a banana, ice and a couple teaspoons of peanut butter and I loved them. It's not something I want to do everyday, I'm perfectly fine with doing a couple months at a time, even once or twice a year. I can maintain but I'm the type of person who will have a little chocolate and once I have sugar in my body, I tend to crave more. I let myself go a little bit, gain a few pounds, and now I know it's time to cleanse again. I don't even really think of it as a "cleanse" though, even though I guess it is.
I say give it a try, I believe it can only help you. I'm not aware of why people are saying you'll automatically get charged the next 30 days, I've never had to sign up on the "autoship" part of it, you can if you want to, but it's always been an option not to for me. So I only order what I want and then if I want more, I place another order. And no, I don't sell it, I'm not promoting it for that reason. I just know what it did for my body, and it was an amazing feeling. I wish everyone could feel that healthy, both physically and mentally. Good luck!

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Isagenix 3

Isagenix is a great product. But after doing it for 4 years as a product user and a business, I realized that it has a few areas that make it difficult for the average person.

It's expensive.
It's difficult to do.
It doesn't taste all that great.

So the other week, someone introduced me to something that is still extremely healthy, but...

less expensive
easy to do
tastes amazing
& you can get it for free....

So I think Isagenix is good...but if those things are important to you...know there are other solutions available... T

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Isagenix 5

First of all id like to say that people should never criticize something that they haven't put 100% into. Five weeks ago today I got my first Isagenix shipment, I started out weighing 215 pounds and today I am 187 pounds. If you put all your trust into the program it will work for you. I did not starve myself at all. Me and my mom did it together (im 18 years old) and we went out for lunch almost every day. We simply cut out fries and had salads, but for the most part when we had lunch we ate what ever we wanted in moderation (even deserts). We are leaving for Cancun on Friday and we both feel amazing, I have so much more energy, sleep better at night and have not once felt sick or had an upset stomach.

If anyone is debating on trying Isagenix I say you should do it, don't do it if your not committed though because it will be a waste of money. Isagenix is now a way of life in our house hold. At first it may be a bit confusing but now its easy. If your craving something have it at lunch but never give up on your weight loss goals, im so exited for the months to come and I hope to loose about 45 more pounds im 5'9.

Hope this review helped people make up their decisions on trying Isagenix!


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Melanie Iacono

Isagenix 5

First of all, I want to say that I am an Isagenix Independent Associate. Let me tell you why I got involved in this company. I had struggled with weight most of my life. I had been working out for 3 hours per day in the gym, eating as healthy as I knew how and taking the Myoplex shakes as a meal replacement.

My mother and my sister lost tons of weight each and they looked so good. They convinced my wife and I to try it, but because I didn't care to waste money on it just in case it didn't work, I let my wife be the first to try it. In the first few days my wife dropped 6 Lbs! She struggled with weight more than I did. I ordered my cleanse before she finished hers. I lost 15 Lbs on my first cleanse. I recommend everyone start out with the 9 day cleanse. Within a few months I had dropped 65 pounds! After these and other benefits, I decided I had an obligation to help others who are suffering get the same results.

If you go to my blog at the link below you will see a picture of me in the header playing beach volleyball in Cabo. I owe so much to this product. I have found very few people who haven' gotten great results from this product, and it ultimately comes down to them not following the program. They cheat and the deep cleansing really never takes effect. Isagenix is ranked "World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing." The only reason I got involved in this company is because I felt an obligation to help others feel the way I now feel.

I will never stop using this product. I have more energy, more mental clarity, my pimples went away(this is what happens when you take care of and cleanse the interior body at a cellular level) and I sleep a lot better. My skin looks better as does my hair.

I urge you to try this product. It is important to have a coach, and I would be happy to coach you. Just go to the "contact me" page of my blog and fill out the form. I'll contact you ASAP.

To You Success!


Watch this video on "Are You Toxic":

Read more:

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Isagenix 1

I say TASTE everything BEFORE you buy! I literally could NOT force myself to drink the cleanse and the daily drink (95% of the program other than the shakes). They tasted aweful and I was told I would "get used to it" by the VERY pushy and aggressive salesperson. She did not listen to ANYTHING I said, and was not helpful at all.

To add insult to injury, I received my second month's worth today- which means I am out $300 and still have 95% of the original $400 worth of product because it literally made me throw up when I tried to drink it! Taste aversion is a one-trial learning experience (as I am a psychologist, I told my salesperson this).

I agree with the 1 & 2 star ratings- I can see how you loose weight- you are eating less than a thousand calories a day, and that's not even on cleanse days, which is less. For those that were able to handle the taste- good for you! Anyone considering it, I would make sure you taste it and be aware that you will automatically receive a shipment unless you cancel it. Also- there IS a 30-day guarantee (that I was told about 31 days later).

VERY disappointed.

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Isagenix 5

I started Isagenix this morning.... I feel great.. Lots of energy and not a bit hungry... Im not a big water drinker, but i am not having a problem getting all my water in.. im excited for the days to come. I am 42 years old and need to lose about 50lbs. I have tried every diet imaginable and weight watchers over and over and over again. yes i lose weight and always get bored and seem to always be hungry... I end up eating more than i should due to cravings... I am very hopeful that this life style change and the will to want to change will allow me to conquer the stubborn weight i need to lose, i would love to get off my blood pressure meds... So i will keep you all posted on my success.... Wish me luck.....

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Isagenix 5

okay all the comments i seem to be reading are either really pro isagenix or really skeptical about the isagenix program. Personally, i just want to add that i was a HUGE skeptic. In fact i spent 3 months debating on whether i wanted to try this program and like many other viewers on here thought that this was all a bunch of crap and that only healthy people would drop the weight.

I am 29 years old, over the last 3 years i have been struggling with massive medical issues. A lot of my medical issues im pretty sure are because of poor lifestyle habits. My parents raised me on fatty foods and sweets as an everyday lifestyle. When i started college i started to read fitness books that incorporated heathly eating and lifestyles. I have been in college for 5 years now and like i said for the last 3 years have been struggling with unexplained bleeding after excercise when i urinate, i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and anemia.

I have tried several yo yo diets, partially this is what has contributed to my hypothyroidism as a result of the "fad" diets. As a reault of hypothyroid i was always fatigued, i slept 12-14 hour days, was very pale, weak and often fogged with memory problems. I could not hold up my physical stamina for my police foundations course at school and as a result had to drop out 2 times because of muscle and cardio issues.

I confided in my wife serveral times. I was getting tired of tryin to workout all the time and going no where. I tried crossfit training, kickboxing, hockey, running and regular boxing in hope that i would lose the weight and get into shape. nothing seemed to work.

last month i searched the net. being the skeptic i am, i read the good blogs and thought ya, this is too good to be true. I also searched the "scams" of the product and didnt find any. I confided in my friends who were selling the product. they had lost weight and without pressure told me that if at any time i wanted to try it, that i should because they thought i would be successful with it. The also told me that if i wasnt happy with it, that it was totally refundable. she said "what do you have to lose". So my wife and i scrounged up enough money to start the 30 day program.

The first 2 days, i was a bit confused about what to take and what to eat and when to eat. On my 3rd day i started to get the hang of it. I am only on day 6 right now and did my first cleanse day on the 3rd day. I have always had massive bloating and constipation problems, both of which seemed to have gone away at the moment. I recently went to the gym as well and did 60 mins of cardio in which i used to get extremely dizzy and lightheaded working out, yet again i didnt feel it when i went. Im not sayin this stuff is a maricle, but i will say that i see small things changing.

I know im not supposed to weigh in until day 8, but i did yesterday. I am down 5 1/2 lbs from when i started. yes it could be water weight but its really nice to see it dropping. The big challange for me will be to see the 180's. I havent seen them in almost 10 years. For a huge skeptic, its working and i am impressed.

i look forward to my shakes and mix them up everyday by using bananas, peanut butter, or using a little "need more energy" product in my vanillia shake.

People, im telling you it does work!! try it and im sure you will be impressed as well!!

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Isagenix 5

Isagenix Customer Care, Customer Service, and Support are easy to access, and ordering is easy too. The Isagenix Independent Associate website is also quite good. Isagenix Provides a level of Customer Service, Care and Support that demonstrates it's Care for it's Customers.

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doctorssayabou t

Isagenix 5

What Do Doctors Say About Isagenix? As a Doctor, here is what I Have to Say about Isagenix: Isagenix is Great. I know that many Doctors whole-heartedly recommend the Isagenix Products to their Patients, and I certainly recommend Isagenix to mine. I like the Isagenix Independent Associate website.

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Isagenix 1


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Isagenix 3

Ok here is the deal on Isagenix. If you do the 30 day you will lose weight. I know this personally and from others in my martial arts school. Why? Simple calorie reduction, do the math. No magic and certainly not the only way to do it. All diets work initailly. The question is maintaining over a long period of time. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to live on shakes the rest of your life and do you want to have to fast every two weeks for the rest of your life? Even if you commit to all of that you will still gain the weight back if you don't change the rest of what you eat.

Then there is this marketing approach. Before you even have your own personal experience you have your sponsor pushing you to sell it your friends and neighbors. Their so called health seminars are all product demonstrations and a push to get you to sell the product. But the worse thing about Isagenis is autoship and the qualified order. Masked in gimmicky BV points. the bottom line is you have to buy 120-130 bucks of stuff every month to maintain your status. Sell or anticipate selling and you are sucked into having to buy 120 dollars worth of something every month. Most companies are just happy to have your business. What does it mean, unless you are a shake jockey and never take a day off you end up buried in the stuff. The products are non-refundable except for your first order. (There is a reason for this, they know) The products are good quality but overpriced. You can find comparable products for less. Since you are likely to be buried in Isagenix they are banking on you not looking beyond your shipping order. Choose to get out or take a break expect to get a call from your friend, relative or personal trainers or Martial arts master pressuring you to continue. That does not happen when you buy at GNC.

I am an accountant and frankly could not comprehend the compensation package. that is by design. The money is a dangling carrot to get you hooked into being a customer. You will heard at lot about the the seven figure crowd, but what about the average compensation for a consultant, no data. That is why they push wealth more than health from day one. Can you really trust what people are telling you about the product when they got a financial interest into getting you to buy or stay in? Oh and cleansing at the cellular level is BS. Fast and you will lose weight. But making you less toxic or less prone to disease, there is no proof whatsoever. The studies listed on their websites all prove the that taking the products won't harm you, if you use them right. True, but the benefits of cleansing are unproven. Why the cleaning pitch, without it they are no different than any other meal replacement and certainly not the cheapest.

The FDA does not allow for medical claims but they intimate by telling stories about the back pain, skin rash, etc that went away after using ISAGENIX. Placebo effects are powerful and but when the back pain or the rash returns you don't hear about it or about the people who yo-yo or who gain weight, some do.

You would think they would want to do a long term study 2-4 year to see if the weight loss is maintained. But we all know the answer to why they don't. Because statistically most people gain back the weight and more. (Again most people)

I would suggest that if you want to jump start your diet give it a try, but don't buy from anyone your know because that way when you are finished with this stuff you can say "no" without having to effect any of your relationships.

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Isagenix 5

For what it's worth ... I found out about Isagenix through my chiropractor. I (male) was 59 years old and 250 pounds and had a lot of weight/poor health issues. I lost 30 pounds the first month and 75 over the last six months. Loss is slower now, around 5 pounds a month, but I feel incredibly better! My blood pressure went from at-risk to normal, my energy is up, I feel younger and am SO glad I tried this. I have changed my lifestyle and adapted to this, --I will have no trouble following this for the rest of my life. I didn't know there was income potential to this until after a few months and friends and co-workers noticed my weight loss and asked me how. As I referred them to my chiropractor, he put them under me ... now this small monthly income almost pays for the products I use. Isagenix is somewhat expensive, but, I figure "I'm worth it" and when I subtract the cost of meals that it replaces, it isn't really all that expensive. Isagenix may not be the only, or the best way to restore health and lose weight as a side-effect, --but it's the first that worked this well for me and over the years I tried nearly everything ... I could lose a little for awhile, but then gained it all back and then some. If you are finally at the point where you're not just "interested" in losing weight (you'll lose interest) but "committed" you owe it to yourself to investigate ... and try it for yourself

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Isagenix 5

Isagenix was terrific for me. I happily lost the remainder of my pregnancy weight (I had 4 kids in 8 years) but more importantly I was looking for energy so I could be a happier and more involved mom. I had been tired for my whole adult life and Isagenix finally gave me the reprieve from the exhaustion. I love it and will take it forever because it is such great nutrition.

I use this site because the coaching is free, wonderful and supportive.

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Isagenix 2

I've tried Isagenix, it didn't do what I expected. I have to be careful what I drink, I only have 1 kidney. I've heard of people that have had kidney problems that use the product, so I'm off the product. I was doing the Ionix and clense, it made me have brain fog. The associate told me that would go away once I got the product into my system. Never happened.

I'd orginally gone to one of the meetings, red flags went up when they talked for 10 minutes about what the products can do for you, then an hour about how much money you can make. It made me think about about in the old western days when travelling salesmen came into town selling cure all elixer's or snake oil. That is what this seems like.

Another beef is the associates are pushy. They won't leave you alone, it's like you've got to sign up to get them off your back. Almost like a cult following. One associate is a close friend who has several people under her, the company held her funds for an extra month and she had to borrow money that month to make ends meet. I told her to call the company and make them release the funds, it never happened, she had to pratically starve for a month.

I signed up just to get the assoicate to leave me alone. I plan on cancelling my membership and returning my order. I used a pay as you go debit card so that they can't milk my bank account. Isagenix may work for some people, but not for me. As far as losing weight, back in 1989 I lost 95 pounds by just changing what I ate. I ate a lot of fresh fruits, vegatables, salads, limited eating meat, cut out processed sugars and exercised about :30 min to an hour a day. I just did that on my own, no magic elixer's, fad diets, just a lifestyle change.

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LookinElsewher e

Isagenix 1

Isagenix USE TO be good and I did well on it - but they've changed the taste and now it's TERRIBLE!!! Not only does it taste horrible, but it now leaves a bad after taste - for a long time. Don't know what they did, nor why - but it's nasty stuff now and I'm looking for something else.

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Isagenix 5

Isagenix has changed my life. I dropped 25 pounds, 25 inches and 6% body fat in fewer than three months. Most importantly, I've lost my cravings! Getting rid of the weight has given me so much energy I even gave up coffee (used to drink 8-9 cups per day).

It is not cheap, but I buy far fewer groceries so it pretty much evens out. I just eat a lot less food in general.

All those reviewers who gave only one star have either 1) never tried it (fear of failure?) or 2) tried it but gave up because the detox of their bodies was too intense (fear again).

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Mary Harvey

Isagenix 5

I did the 9 day. I was 5'7, 161 and by the end of the 9 day (well...11 day...I did 2 pre-cleanse days to get ready), I had lost 11 lbs. I was actually shocked. I also gained tremendous energy.

I was especially shocked because I don't have a tremendous amount of weight to lose. Most of my life I was over 240lbs. About 6 years ago, I lost 100 lbs. Over the last year, I gained about 25 back, so I wanted something to kickstart me. Now, I use their shakes for convienence. They are sooo yummy and packed with all the nutrients I need when I'm on the go. It certainly isn't a miracle cure. There isn't one.

As a volunteer wellness and weightloss coach, I can tell you there is no magic formula. As we all know deep down, it's "Good Calories in vs Calories out" that will make the difference. And, Isagenix give you the good calories (energy) that you need.

I didn't see anyone talking about all the other products that they have. But, their women's multi-vitamin is worth a look and so is their isa-greens supplement for thoses of us that don't get enough veggies.

It changed my life when I lost 100+lbs and after the change, I vowed I'd be there to support anyone else who was ready. So, if you need a little free support, motivation or advice....e-mail me at [email protected]

Good Luck!!!

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Isagenix 4

I read your topic and i admire your tips its a very beneficial to all of us hope you will be writing good tips in future.

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Isagenix 4

I am 19 and was 268.4 when I first started the 9 day program. I heard about the program from my Uncle who is a High School athletic trainer. I was very very very skeptical about it due to the comments I have read online. Let me tell you something, first of all try it! Don't just sit there on the computer and moan and groan about it if you never even tried. I first felt the next morning after I went to the bathroom incredibly energized and I didn't feel bloated like I do often. That next day which was my second cleanse I drank water like it was no one's business. Next morning, used the restroom again and after I was 263. I ended the 9th day last week and now I am 16 pounds lighter. I feel awesome, and no one can tell me different. I ordered the 30 day program and I cannot wait to get moving. For the first time after trying the yo yo diets I am happy, excited, and moving in the right direction.

Stop bitching and go out there and give it a shot
For those of you that have not been successful, try it again and this time stick to it more seriously!

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shewhotransfor ms

Isagenix 1

I bought into the great Isagenix scam.My experience with Isagenix left me 60# heavier and hundreds of dollars lighter.
My reaction to the product was not very positive. I struggled immensely with the cleanse days, rarely being able to make it even to the second day. I had a chronic yeast infection (which I begged them for help with, only to be offered more product and advice that was virtually useless) a history of yoyo dieting and a desparate desire to make this "miracle" product work.
I shouldv'e followed my instincts from the beginning but was persuaded by the sucess of others on the team that I just needed to hang in and keep trying product. By the time I accepted that this product and the way it is marketed had triggered some pretty negative stuff for me, I was well past the 30 day refund date.
As far as I am concerned these people are vultures, waitng to prey on a very vulnerable group.
It has taken me 5 months to get back on track physically and emotionally after my experience with this product. I guess the one positive aspect is I gained confidence to know I'll NEVER be sucked into a marketing scheme like this again.
My advice to anyone(especially Canadians who get dinged huge shipping costs and rediculous rates of exchange on our dollar) is to go to your local health food store and ask for advice. I took my Isagenix containers to my local store and had the owner show me ingredient by ingredient how Isagenix is actually inferior to and MUCH more expensive than similar products on her shelf.
If you are still in doubt what this company is really all about - go to one of their team meetings and pay attention to what is really going on - these people are primarily a marketing scheme. They have found a product that seems to have some measure of success and they have brilliantly figured out how to milk it for all it is worth.
If you go ahead and try it anyway, well all I can say is I hope you are one of those "success" stories Isagenix displays. If like me, you become one of their unadvertised "failures" - don't beat yourself up too badly, just remember some of my advice

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Isagenix 4

It has been interesting for me to read all the different angels on Isagenixs. Here's my story.
1. I am not a rep and do not sell the product.
2. I am 5'4", 144lbs, and 34 yrs old.

I have been doing Weight Watchers since Oct 2009 and I have lost 17lbs. I am trying to lose my last 9lbs, so I thought I would try the 30 cleanse system. I am on day 15 and I have lost 3 lbs and about 1 1/2" off my waist. I have more energy then I have had in a long time.! For me the key is that I already know how to eat healthy and I plan to eat within the Weight Watchers guidelines for the rest of my life. Isagenix is a great compliment to it! When I finish the 30 day I plan to continue using a few Isagenix's products for the long haul. I feel so great! I would recommend the products to anyone.

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Isagenix 5

Starting Isagenix i was 5 foot 1 135 lbs, i dont need to loose that much weight but i was always a tiny person, 100-110 lbs give or take, on a short frame, 5 lbs makes all the difference.
So anyways, My battle started when i decided to goto a personal trainer.. i was very weak had no muscle at my trainer was bulking me up, i started at 129 lbs at the gym with 28 percent body fat and after working out something strange started happening i was 135 lbs and 31 percent body fat..all in 2 months. i was on a diet where i ate 5 times a day, small meals healthy food and i just blew up! i was doing cardio and everything this was sooo discouraging! ive never had a problem with loosing weight before and being 24 i wouldnt think my age would have to do anything about trainer started me on a burn phase, but still nothing was budging on the after ONE week into Isagenix ive lost almost 2 percent body fat and 4.2 pounds of fat and an inch in my waste. i went from 135 lbs down to almpst 130 in 7 days, im on my second week starting today so i will see how the rest turns out..needless to say ive lost weight and QUICK! and im starting to get my motivation back, the only down side is the clense days are DISCUSTING..the drink is a browny colour and i dont know whats in it but the smell literly makes me gag...i have to chug the mixture or i will puke.. i have that day tomorrow, my second clense day...i would recomend to at least try this if your desperate to loose weight or frusterated. I would take into consideration at least trying to eat healthy and excersise first like i did..but that dosent always work either aparently!

I also wanted to add one mroe thing, you MUST follow the directions exactly, well i think this is the reason why im working, i eat at the SAME time everyday, give or take an hour, but everything is measured correctly etc i eat my meal for lunch not dinner cause i have a slow matabolism and by the time i get home from the gym im eating at 8pm at night. so having a shake around 7 when i get home is working out GREAT!

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blahblahblah55 5

Isagenix 1

I cannot comment on the business side, but the weight loss is a complete lie. I've been athletic for twenty years, played football, black belt, 5k-er and can say that fad diets are just that - fads because they promise fast results, but little else. Sometimes they even deliver quick weight loss, but none, and I mean none of the hype from Isagenix should distract from the fact that you do not maintain the reduced weight once you go off the program. The cost of eating shakes for the rest of your life? A dead pallet. You either reduce your stomach through the natural process of eating less, then eat that level as your new norm, or you face the inevitable weight gain from all those radical calorie reduction diets. No one can sustain 800 calories indefinitely (I exaggerate but the final figures for maintenance days are not that far off.) Your body needs more than that to survive so you eat more, your body thinks its starvation time and stores it as fat. It's the natural, vicious cycle of life. The only way to keep the weight off is to reset your body's food intake and fat levels. That requires steady, slow, minor adjustments over a long time, like a year with 3-4 lbs per month. The longer the better because you don’t force your body into that dreaded starvation/storage mode.

I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM ISAGENIX AS A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. You are doomed to fail over the long haul. Take it from me, I lost nearly twenty pounds and gained it ALL back over the next three months once I stopped the "program." Then again, I suppose I could have kept paying a few hundred bucks every couple of months for the rest of my life.

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Isagenix 4


I have a real job that pays well so selling this product is not something I am going to base my income off of. I will tell you the truth about this stuff and if you want to try it if you believe me go ahead and do it yourself and that will make sure I do not get paid for you doing it. This is a product that doesnt taste too good, but I promise there are real results that you will be very happy with. I recently started this product due to the lack of energy throughout the day. I wanted the energy to get up and not having to buy a 5hour energy, or a rockstar....and it did work. I wake up and feel like a healthy person now, it might be because of the product or it may just be in my head but this product has made me a happier person and I would recommend it to anyone. Everyone thinks that because I would recommend it that I am only trying to make money, which is why I said, just sign up under yourself and nobody will make money from you signing up. I really think that people who have weight problems, health issues, energy issues, etc... should try this because it fill your body with healthy nutrients that clean your body of toxins. Everyone that says it is expensive need to look at what they spend on groceries and eating out. This plan fills you up so you dont crave food throughout the day. I promise it works and I do understand that the people that write a review on it and give their information at the bottom, it does look like they are all trying to make money off of people. This is honestly something that will help your body and being healthy is something that a lot of people worry about. Even if one person signs up under me I make no money so that all doesnt matter. The only deal I have done is sign up somebody and paid for everything, this somebody being my father, and told him if he didnt think it changed the way he felt then no harm done, but if he liked it and wanted more why not put him under me...It can be used to make money, but contact somebody that will be honest with you and help you with everything from personal experiences. Someone that will tell you that yeah the stuff does not taste too good, but it benefits you as a person and allows you to actually live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know more you can contact me anytime and I will answer any questions, you can either use me and let me pay for your first month to see if you like the product and then sign up under me because why not let someone benefit if you are actually pleased from the product, or sign up by yourself so I dont benefit, it really doesnt matter, I just think that the reviews need to just be honest in the fact that this product does work and it will allow you to live a very healthy lifestyle, and the people that are simply trying to make a living off of this product need to approach this as a scam because nobody will be able to do that and you will never make enough money to live off of doing this, approach this with the intent on changing your life. Again, if you want to do it under me I will help with the first package you want to buy just so you can see for yourself, and we will go from there, if you dont want to sign up under me and simply are interested in learning more about the products I will be happy to answer those too. They give you this website when you sign up which has all of my info on that you can go to at your convenience.

Thanks for reading, and for all the people that are commenting on this product as a scam, you guys are probably just mad because of all those get rich schemes you have already tried and failed with and want people to think this is another. Bottom line is it what you want with it.

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Isagenix 4

My wife talked me into the 9 day "cleanse", I thought it was a scam. I weighed 196 at the start after the "cleanse" I was down 14 lbs. It is not easy, the "cleanse" days you only drink a few ounces of stuff that taste like apple juice. At the end of the 9 days I did drop the weight and felt pretty good. I do fell different, I don't eat as much, and have more energy. I'm not selling, I don't want to sell, I don't even think I will keep using this stuff, but if you follow the instructions you will lose weight.

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Isagenix 5

I am a 79 year old male.. In the past three years I have had three heart attacks, one more serious than the others, five trips to the emergency room for lung problems.. I had made up my mind that it was time to go..I was quite large, 325#, and have had great trouble walking due to hip and pelvis pain..It could be atrophy..but after being on Isogenix for three weeks, don't think so. I had cut my food intake to one meal a day and tried to do exercises which would enable me to function normally.. However, my energy level was such that it was almost impossible to improve.. A real catch 22.. Have to exercise to lose weight, cannot exercise because of the weight..

Since I started the program three weeks ago, I have lost 25 pounds, can walk a mile in l6 minutes with no pain. and feel like my life has been renewed.. My wife says I no longer shuffle, as is the wont of many older folk.. Thank you Isogenix.. I hope it gets even better from here on.. I want to get back to golf course.. I know it will not work for everyone.. One thing I have learned in my years is that we are all different .and what works for me may not be good for others..

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Isagenix 1

I have just read a lot of the reviews. Let me add mine. I have never tried it and I will never try it. But I could give this 5 stars as great or 1 star as a stinker. I think I will give it a 1 star as I am sure most of the 5 stars posted here are bogus. I am much more inclined to believe that the 1 and 2 star comments are coming from real morons anyway.

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Isagenix 5

I am on my 11th day of the 9-Day Program (2 days of pre-cleanse). I am an atheletic 28 year old man, who was is very active but was about 15 lbs overweight due to recently poor eating habits. I have lost 10lbs (not water weight), my cravings for fast food have subsided, and I feel great. Although its not cheap, the daily emails, having a coach to call, and thefact you spent the money give you a lot of reasons to not cheat and follow the program to a T. I am very pleased with the program. People tell me I look "good", like healthy. And those are the people that have no idea that I have been detoxing. The first few days were really tough for me. This is likely tough for anyone who likes to eat. I am not a distributor, nor do I want to be. However, I will give my business to a distirbutor in the future. I will likely do this 2-3 times a year.

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Isagenix 1

I bought the 30 day program have only strayed from the program one time (had a glass of wine and a small piece of cake). I am 1/2 way through the program and have lost 2 pounds. I'm not an excessive exerciser but i do the recommended 20 mins to /2 hour every day. I have to say its convenient and easy to do and that is why I gave it one star. Otherwise I see no significant benefits, I don't have any additional energy, I am not losing weight, and I am always hungry. Probably at the end of 30 days I will have shrunk my stomach so that I won't need as much food as I did before to feel full. However I could have found alot more reasonably priced alternatives that would have done the same thing for me. I am hugely dissapointed, and will stick out the next 14 days, but am still in search of a weight loss program that really works, I thought this was it, and it most definitely is not.

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Isagenix 5

Hello! I wanted to share my review of Isagenix with everyone. Iv read everyone's reviews on the product and determined that the people who have negative comments probably never tried anyother cleansing product until Isagenix. Iv tried the master cleanse (lasted 6 hours), Iv tried the Jay Robb Fruit flush, (nasty whey protein shake) and a fruit and veggie cleanse.....On every single cleanse I felt horrible!! At the time of these cleanses I ate pretty normal, pasta, bread, some junk food, fruits throughout the day on a daily basis and Im someone who drinks way too much water anyway so I never drank soda or sugary drinks, coffee once a day. Of course these simptoms were withdrawal symptoms and they are completely normal when cleansing, but because the program did not fill my body nutritionally I couldnt stick with them or even do them more than once. I am a certified holitic health counselor so I know the importance of eating healthy balanced meals, fresh leafy greens at every meal and eating for you body type. I also know what it's like to get out of work late, eat dinner late and not have the energy or the time to exercise everyday. I tried my best to incorporate everything I learned at school into my daily lifestyle. I'v exercised 5 days a week for no less than 40 mins, didnt eat after 8, tried eating as small a meal as I could if I ate late, small meals throughout the day, everything organic.....I tried every change that offered a result and nothing ever worked. For 2 years I have been trying to lose weight, at my weakest I brought diet pills that offered the promise of fitting into your favorite jeans in 2 weeks, didnt work. So I threw all the pills away and gave up, went back to salads for lunch, exercising double then what I was doing and tryed to stay possitive....took me a montha nd a 1/2 months to lose 5 pounds. I found out about the isagenix cleanse from my best friend who is also a counselor. She went to a seminar that another counselor was offering and was introduced to this product. She was telling me about it and after 15 mins of her talking I was sold. I went to the website, we researched some more and the very next day I ordered my 9 day cleansing package. I started the following Friday and was so excited the products tasted good, no issue with the shakes (i have a gluten intolerance) and when I did my first cleansing day, I was some what sleepy but managed to function and write out my whole outline for my up coming seminar i was doing the following weekend. After my second cleansing day I weighed myself and had lost 5 pounds....I was so happy! At the end of my 9 day cleanse I had lost a total of 8.5 pounds and 8.8 inches some thats a small amount of weigth but for the first time in 2 years I am only 3 pounds heavier than my boyfriend, and all of my clothes fit better. Those 8 pounds I lost are the same 8 pounds i have been trying so hard to lose. I will continue to take those shakes everyday, have a cleansing day every weekend and will continue to use this product and to sell it to all my friends, family and clients who are struggeling. I have energy when I come home from work and my workouts are even better! I can workout harder than before and take those exercise classes and not want to quit 15 mins into the class. I enjoy cleansing and riding my body of toxins, that wasnt the real reason I did the cleanse though, the plus was that I could lose some weight. I do recommend this product to everyone, atleast to try it. If it doesnt work for you then it's not for you. People complain about the price but Im sure the people who are complaining and let it stop them from buying it are the people who eat out 3 nights a week, get a latte from starbucks everyday and blow there money on matieral things. I chose to spend $140 on 9 days worth of food and it was worth every penny. Durning those 9 days- 11 days total with the pre-cleanse days- me and my boyfriend didnt eat out once! Probably saved us atleast $80 right there!

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Isagenix 5

I felt a need to refute some of these negative comments people make. People here need to realize that Isagenix is NOT a weight loss program. It's a CLEANSING program. Some people lose more weight because their bodies are riddled with toxins that retain a lot of excess fat in the body, so they shed more of the excess fat. One negative comment above reads "I am 37 years old, eat relatively healthy and exercise regularly, but need to shed about 10 pounds put on over the last year." well if she already eats healthy and exercises regularly then she shouldn't have as much of those accumulated toxins which is why she didn't lose as much weight as she wanted. How about intensifying your workout? I bet she didn't think about that, did she. Other people are complaining about how it makes them feel miserable. That's what happens when the toxins get flushed out of the body. It's not the product that's causing this. Toxins feel like crap coming into the body and coming out of the body. Another comment reads "I began to have horrible headaches..enough to where I was taking my migraine medicine every day" Does this person realize that maybe these toxins are what's causing her migraines to begin with? Now how does this person expect to flush out accumulated toxins if she's pumping them back into her system at the same time? That's like taking a dump, flushing the toilet, and then finishing your dump. What do you get? A toilet full of $h!t that needs to be flushed again. Why flush the toilet twice? YES, prescription drugs have toxins and is a big reason why everyone is in such bad shape. We are to over medicated in this country. Oh one last thing. To the people that complain about the price and the sales reps: The amount I spent on this product actually comes out to be less than if I were to go out and buy food that would be equivalent to the nutritional value this product has. You can't put a price on health. As for the pushy sales reps, yea they're's their job. But it's also their job to respect your decisions whether it's in their interest or not. It's as easy as saying "I would like to join but don't call me about business opportunities. I just want to cleanse and that's it." And if they continue to be pushy just ask them very frankly if they are trying to lose your business. That changes their tune very quickly. There are so many other things that I want to write about but my fingers hurt now. END MESSAGE.

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Isagenix 5

I've just finished the 30 day cleanse and am moving on to do another month.
After reading the comments I'd like to first say the following because I'd like you to trust what I'm saying:
- I'm not selling the products and have absolutely no intention of selling them. This is the honest truth.
- I'm not generally a fan of shakes, fad diets, or anything that goes beyond eating healthy balanced meals
- This argument that it's not FDA-approved is irrelevant: it proves nothing either way. If it was approved, that does not make it a good product. The FDA has approved countless medicinal drugs which put Band-Aids on one problem, and create more. My father has been in the pharma business... I'm aware of what FDA-approved drugs do to our bodies. Sometimes we need them, but don't kid yourselves into believing that many FDA- approved drugs aren't harming your bodies!!
- I've had acupuncture for almost my entire life, and have not ever been an advocate of these "natural/homeopathic remedies", but rather of Chinese medicine. A lot of people writing here have tried many different kinds of shakes and natural supplements. I have not.
- I am not a dr. or a quack. I don't pretend to be an expert re: natural products
I'm 28 years old and since my diagnosis, I have struggled with having energy. I've tried everything: exercise, vitamins, nutritious meals...etc. I'm not an obese closet-eater girl who pretends she works out. I couldn't understand why I had so much energy in my youth, and for the past 7 yrs have felt it difficult to keep up with my friends. I basically accomplished one main task a day (e.g., work) and then came home to rest. I felt like I was dragging my feet all the time. I had been so sick with colitis that I've had no choice but to take heavy medications like corticosteroid therapy last year. I tried Isagenix because I knew someone who lost a lot of weight on it and I have had an extreme amount of difficulty losing weight, despite all efforts. I was also worried about the amount of toxins in my body after taking so much medication last year- and I never felt the same since I took those meds. I'm not grossly overweight at all, but I'd like to be quite skinny before my 20's are over!


-In one month, I only lost about 8-10 lbs. However, I feel amazing! I'm not a hyper person, and I'm certainly not bouncing off the walls, but for the first time in years, I feel like I can get up easily in the morning and am happy to start the day! To be a young girl and feel like an old lady has been such a burden in my life, and I don't feel that way anymore. I don't think everyone loses immediately, but if you're seeing slow results, I recommend staying with it a little longer since I've heard of people losing most in the second month.
- My mother says I look younger ;)
- I feel more mentally alert. I feel like I can function all day.
-AS FOR THE COLITIS SIDE OF IT, I DO NOT ADVOCATE THIS for anyone with severe gastrointestinal diseases like ulcerative colitis or crohns. I'm not sure about it for those with IBS. You make your own judgement if you have IBS. I realize this is a cleanse at the cellular level but I've experienced some constipation, and taking the IsaFlush (mild laxative) at night, has aggravated me a little bit so I stopped taking it. If your disease tends to come out of remission a lot, I do not recommend this diet. I have a lot of resources to keep me well, and I'm much better off than anyone else I've ever heard of with this disease. If it starts to bother me more seriously, I will get off of it immediately.

- I don't find this an easy diet. Maybe for some people, but I'm used to eating really good, balanced, "real" meals. I like real food. If you cannot stick to it, don't buy it- it is expensive.

- That being said, for those who are healthy enough to handle it, and can stay committed, I fully recommend Isagenix. I feel like I got my life back...It's quite exciting.

Best of luck to those of you on the cleanse. For those of you who don't suffer with low energy or can lose weight other ways, I think there are many other ways to lose weight for cheaper. This just works for me, and makes me feel good. xo

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anactualhumanb eing

Isagenix 2

The whole thing is clearly a pyramid scheme. It's extremely expensive-- you could buy healthy organic food for an entire family with what you spend on this crap. Nutritionist, dietitians, REAL medical individuals (not in it for the money) would never condone such a scam. This company is full of lies and vulnerable people are buying into it (at a hefty price). The 'associates' just need to give it up and stop annoying people and preaching about a health product that they really know nothing about. GET A REAL JOB-- THIS IS NOT CONSIDERED A JOB. I am quite bitter about it because I have family members (a "parent") who thinks that since he is invited to conventions and throws around his isagenix business card that means he has an actual job. I guess conning people and lying to their faces is a job-- so there you go-- end rant.

With that said, the "isadermix" is okay, at best. It's nothing special and definitely is not worth its price.

In conclusion, for anybody wondering about this product: DO SOME RESEARCH. Stop being lazy like the rest of these [weird] consumers/sellers. You can easily find a product (i.e. actual normal food regulated by the FDA) that isn't associated with ripping people off and trying to make a couple bucks at the expense of their friends and family.

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Isagenix 5

Before I began nutritional cleansing, I had lost hope of ever being healthy. I had difficulty sleeping, I had zero energy, my brain was so foggy I could hardly speak, and I was obese. I was a survivor of a life threatening health challenge. I prayed for a way to change things, but I'd tried everything and nothing worked.

Then a very good and trusted friend told me about Isagenix. I was extremely skeptical, but I trusted her with my life, so I committed to cleansing for 90 days. Within a very short time, the fog lifted, my energy soared and I slept through the night for the first time in 25 years. Now, almost two years later, I continue to cleanse, I am four to five sizes smaller and I feel 25 years younger! And because of the business opportunity, I'm eating for free! I'm also building a business that will retire my daughter and our whole family from disability supports!!!

I am passionate about each and every person living their absolutely best lives. I am so impressed with this new technology that I am committed to sharing it with anyone who is also ready for physical or financial change.

It's a journey. Isagenix will find people who are looking for it. No matter what you try, if you believe it won't work, it won't work. Isagenix is for people who have tried everything else without success, and who are ready to make change in their lives. It works. And it works better than anything I've ever tried - and I've tried them all. Yes, it has meant a change in my lifestyle, but, when faced with a life or death situation, I believe most people will choose lifestyle change. I did! And, now that my body is being blessed each day with abundant nutrition and gentle cleansing, my body feels great, and looks great too.

For more information, visit or contact me at [email protected].

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Isagenix 5

Isagenix is a system of products that put your body back to the miracle that it was meant to be.
The products are natural and organically based. My daughter lost 100 pounds through nutritional cleansing and has kept it off for 5 years with Isagenix.
As a nurse practitioner I have introduced the products to my patients and they have experienced not only remarkable weight loss but also renewed energy.
Health care providers across the country are recommending Isagenix to their patients as a safe and effective way to provide nutrition and to help release weight.
My patients have not only released weight but also found renewed energy and often overcome other problems that their excess weight had created.
Isagenix is a food product not a drug product and as food it is a truly superior new food technology that uses the most pure and most complete system for weight loss,athletic competition or maintaining wellness.
It has been easy to help my patients with the Isagenix program and once they have tried it they are convinced.

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Isagenix 1

Those who defend Isagenix are of course people who want to get rich on other's behalf! First: go get a REAL job if you want to make money!
Second, but most important: my husband got talked into Isagenix almost forcefully (!!); then he started his 30 day program, and developed Vit B6 toxicity symptoms, and flu-like symptoms. Both , him and I are medical professionals. After 4 days of following the Isagenix program, he could barely walk !! (One of the Vit B6 toxicity symptoms, if toxicity is not detected and the intake of Vit B6 supplements does not stop, is the impossibility of walking - toxicity of Vit B6 attacking the knees (and other joints, mostly knees).
He stopped taking Isagenix after 4 days, and the atrocious knee pain gradually went away.
My advice, as a medical professional: before taking ANY product, CHECK THE LABEL! If any of the ingredients - especially Vitamins - are in more than 100-150% of the recommended daily amount one should ingest, REthink your decision of intoxication your body with that product (except if you DO have a specific Vitamin/etc deficiency)
READ the Isagenix label! It contains an overwhelming quantity of Vit B 6 and Vit B12 !
And if it is not affecting you right now, it WILL affect you later for sure, if you continue to take monstrous quantities of Vitamins or other ingredients that can cause toxicity.

Bottom line: It is NOT WORTH intoxicating your body just for the pleasure of losing a few pounds! And the irony is that you are intoxicating your own body with Vit B6-B12 on your own HUGE expense , financially too...... think about it ! and STUDY before you take anything!

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Isagenix 1

The people I've seen selling this stuff are overweight -- now why would I invest in a scam when the folks selling it look fat and unhealthy.

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Isagenix 5

I started Isagenix back in June and have gone down 2 sizes and feel fantastic. The only thing I don't like about this product is multi-level marketing of the product, they push that big time.
However on the product alone I love it & feel great. Anyone who is thinking about trying this out needs to realize that you have to commit yourself to changing your lifestyle. Sure any reduction in calories is going to lose weight however the ingredients used in all their products are high grade & nutrition based. I looked around for a 'cheaper' alternative and couldn't find one, health stores sell products that are much more expensive and filled with 'fillers' and sugar. Do yourself a favour and try this out, but you have to be dedicated. The product helped me achieve my goals, gave me lots of energy & I will remain on the product because I like the health benefits not because you 'have to' in order to maintain. As long as you learn the key to eating healthy and this product will help you realize that!

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Isagenix 5

I like many consider myself active, yet don't eat very well as life is crazy busy. At 39 years old and 6' I weighed in at 240lbs. I have always exercised a couple days a week and walked 3+miles with my wife a few other days of the week. I have also tried numerous efforts over the years to lose weight with very little success.

About 2 months ago out of the blue I ran into a couple different friends who had great success on Isagenix. I did a couple weeks of research and started the product 4 weeks ago. I weighed in this morning at 215lbs. I've already had to buy new pants from size 40" to 38"(and there a little loose).

Biggest point is for all the naysayers is yes I completely understand that it requires a lifestyle change. Because of this drastic weight lose I feel incredibly revitalized and dedicated to making this change. I am doing a hard hour work out 6 days a week and then walking with my wife a few other evenings during the week. In trying numerous other diets over the years I never saw that original weight loss and as a result didn't have the excitement and dedication to make the necessary life changes.

I have been very dedicated to the diet, but I have found that putting a half a banana and tsp. of peanut butter in the shakes helps them stay with me longer and experience less hunger. Seems to also help out during work outs. On the cleanse days I also only cleanse until evening and then eat a sensible dinner with my family. I have had very little to no side effects while on the diet.

Say what you want, but thus far it has been very successful for me. My goal is to get down to 195lbs on the two shakes a day and then start changing things up a bit. I will be glad to post back in a year as to where I am at then.

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Isagenix 5

I am a 62 year old retired physician, having weighed 205 lbs. (just under 6' tall) since 2001. Sports injuries have curtailed much of my athletics, so I know that at least some of my muscle had been replaced by fat. My waist had increased from 37" in 2001 to 41" as of this June. I have previously tried other food plans, but never successfully dieted.

The Isagenix program came up unexpectedly in a conversation with a martial arts instructor when we began to talk about weight control. I have been an habitual "snacker" and junk foodie forever, typically eating 2 "Little Debbie" cupcakes at breakfast and munching "Cheetos" and pretzels dipped in whipped cream cheese on a daily basis. I also typically drank 3-4 cans of caffein free diet "Coke" daily. Wine and social drinking have been a regular part of my life. My favorite dinners typically involve pasta dishes.

I started a 2 week Isagenix trial period (my wife and I split a 1 month "Cleanse and Fat Burning" package) on June 16, 2009. At that time I TOTALLY removed the cupcakes, Cheetos, pretzels and Coke from my diet. Additionally, we have tried to drink less wine and other alcoholic beverages. My daily exercising (golf, biking, etc.) has NOT changed appreciably since I started Isagenix.

I add 1/4 of a banana PLUS a small amount of peanut butter (and crushed ice) to the shakes which I make with 1 scoop each of the vanilla and chocolate powders; I don't add any additional milk products. I am hugely surprised that some people have been so revolted by the taste of the original shake powder, as both my wife and I find the shakes (prepared in this fashion) to be VERY tasty.

I eat raw almonds and cashews, fresh fruits, celery and carrots throughout the day whenever I'm hungry (including on "cleanse" days), and consume very little of the Isagenix snacks and Isadelights (dark chocolate candy), both of which help to satisfy my wife's chocolate cravings. I drink water liberally.

I eat a regular lunch or dinner (depending on when I drink the 2 shakes), but have avoided needless starches (bread, pasta) at those times. I continue to drink wine (although less often), but haven't had any mixed alcoholic drinks since June.

In the 6 weeks since I began to follow the Isagenix program I have (as of today, 8/1/09) lost 20 lbs. and 4" at the waist. Both my wife and I are now comfortably wearing clothing (stuff that was at the back of the closet) that we couldn't even come close to fitting into before Isagenix.

I feel great, with NO tiredness, bloating or bowel discomfort. I can't attest how much weight I might have lost (without Isagenix) by simply cutting out the crap I was eating previously. All I can say is that, for me, the structure that Isagenix provided has allowed me to regain some control of my body. How long will I stay with the program? Will I regain all or more of the weight if I stop Isagenix but avoid the needless calories? Only time will tell.

************PLEASE READ: A 3+ MONTHS FOLLOW-UP************

I am now a bit more than 3 months into the Isagenix program of 2 shakes each day + 1 sensible meal 6 days a week PLUS 1 "cleanse" day each week.

I have recently been a bit less restrictive in my diet, occasionally eating pastas, bread (with some butter) at dinner, and infrequent pretzels and desserts. I have allowed myself a more normal amount of wine and, rarely, mixed drinks.

I am solidly holding at a loss of 22-23 pounds (now weigh 182-3) and slightly less than 5 inches smaller at the waist. This seems to be a normal balance point for my height and body build. My stamina and strength remains unchanged.

More importantly, I have just received the results of my annual blood work. My cholesterol and triglycerides are well in the NORMAL range for the 1st time in over 20 years. All of my electrolytes, liver and kidney tests are normal and unchanged, as is my glucose level. My body fat ratio has fallen from 24% to 19.5% since beginning Isagenix.

Although I can't conclusively say that being aware of what I'm eating may have contributed to a portion of the 33% drop in cholesterol and triglyceride levels, the fact that the Isagenix diet has not (in ANY way) caused an imbalance of my other system functions has allowed me a great sigh of relief, as I felt that liver function tests may have been elevated given some of the ingredients.

Way to go, Isagenix! Just thought I'd share this follow-up with anyone who's interested!

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Isagenix 5

I recently completed the 9 day cleanse and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to drop pounds and improve their health. I was a complete skeptic before starting the program mainly because of all the multi-level marketing surrounding the product. I also wasn't sure if I would be able to stick to the program because it was pretty rigid and not eating for 2 days in a row seemed daunting. However this was not the case at all, I can honestly say I was never hungry during the 9 day program, even on cleanse days. You do get a little light headed and tired but I would just sleep and make sure the cleanse days didn't coincide with any days I had to go to work. I also managed to lose 8lbs and 20 inches in the 9 days on the cleanse and keep it off easily which is amazing considering I didn't go into the cleanse to lose weight just to help with digestive problems I was having. This program is amazing. It gives you amazing energy and overall feeling of health that is hard to describe. I would recommend this program to anyone willing to put in the effort for the 9 days. It's only 9 days of your life. After that they have a follow up program where you can have 1-2 shakes a day and eat healthy which maintains what you lost on the 9 day program.

Truly amazing!

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Isagenix 5

AMAZING I have never responded to anything like this but after reading the reviews feel compelled to do this. I have worked out religiously for 25 years 6 days a week. I have used personal trainers and currently belong to 3 gyms in San Diego. I am an exercise fanatic. I just turned 50 and for the first time in my life, I have had a weight issue with about 8 extra lbs. I am constantly hungry, moody, and tired. I average 12-15 hour days at work and my job is physically and mentally demanding - I am on the road as a sales rep. So keeping my body in top performance is important to me. I do boot camp style work outs and am a very healthy caffeine and little alcohol. Yet my waist is thick and I can't lose weight. My health club told me about ISAGENIX and I was skeptical. But I tried the 9 day plan figuring it would not work but it would be an investment in my health. I was AMAZED that I lost 5 lbs and 6" in the first 9 days. And it has stayed off. I feel much better and do not have the PM cravings so many menopausal women have. I can't help but tell everyone about it. I am getting comments from all that I don't look my age and that I look great. I am proud of my physicque and have a whole new attitude. I can wear my jeans from 2 years ago that were too tight. And I am very lean with muscular definition. I do a shake a day, an ounce of the Cleanse am and an ounce of the Ionix am and pm. That's it. It costs about a $200 per month. I don't think that's a huge investment in health. Look at most every American - they are overweight, steeped with caffeine, sodas, junk food, fake sweeteners. Most Americans are lazy and don't want to work at health. And so many are uneducated about nutrition. I don't believe all the negative comments here! If you want something, you have to WORK AT IT! Yes, I felt a little tired and weird when I went through the 9 day program. Of course you are changing what the body is used to . I feel great now. I think the vanilla shake and all of the products are delicious. I intend to set the money aside for this great product. I am in training right now to sell it and offer it to my friends and collegues because I believe in the product. My only obstacle is my "real" job is all absorbing. J in San Diego

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Isagenix 4

After reading reviews on here , I thought I would take the time to tell you of my experience thus far with Isagenix. My husband and I are on week two of taking Isagenix products. He went for the Health and wellness package($197 for a 30 day supply) and I, on the Health and cleansing package ($260 for a 30 day supply). Things are going great- the notice in our energy levels is AMAZING, Mind clarity is wonderful, and I think we are losing a bit of weight.
I want you to know that we are not new to the whole green food-organic diet thing. I just don't like to pay $3 for a lb of organic carrots, or $5 a gallon for organic hormone free milk. We have a great chiropractor(ok HE's great but we don't go to him very often because he does not take our very good insurance because he doesn't like the paperwork and he's a bit stubborn). He introduced us to Standard Process vitamins. I have had good results with those too- but was not sure when and how many to use and what I should be taking. They are also pretty expensive. My kids and I take Cod Liver Oil(when we remember) and it's really not that bad-we get the lemon flavored $42 a bottle stuff.
We had never even heard of Isagenix until we attended a real estate conference and I approached one of the other attendees(Dave) and commented on how great he looked and what was he taking? I confided in him that my husband and I are smokers and were looking for a cleansing product to detoxify before we set a quit date.(We have quit many times before this with varying degrees of success.) He was astounded by my question because he was actually an Isagenix distributor and said this company had products that could help us . We left shortly after and he sent a CD home for us to listen to. Well, after listening to the CD and hearing about the 30 day satisfaction guarantee we decided to give it a whirl. I'll try anything once(obviously-look at my cigarette addiction).Luckily for us- Dave was not pushy at all in getting us to try the product. His wife is a chiropractor and has found tremendous results for her patients and family(they have 4 kids) with Isagenix. Dave is a business man and electrical contractor and was not that interested in his wife's product testing until he tried some of her Isagenix. Now he's hooked and sharing the product with his friends too.
I knew it was going to be expensive- but so are cigarettes, pop, hospital bills,and junk food. ( I just got the bill for a child's emergency room visit- we have that very great insurance- but it was still $185 after they paid out)
About a week later, we got our Isagenix boxes in the mail and were overwhelmed by the amount of product. What were we supposed to do with all of it? Luckily- Dave emailed us a spread sheet of a simple calendar to follow. This was also in the box from Isagenix along with a bunch of other reading material. We didn't measure ourselves because we really weren't interested in the weight loss part of it and we needed to start asap so we could give it a try before our 30 days was up. For the record- I am 5ft 8-and around 200 lbs(this fluctuates with the amount of chocolate I have hidden around the house)- My husband is 5ft 9 and 185lbs.(He's pretty consistent there and not too hard on the eyes either)
Well- Two weeks into it and Mark loves the all in one plan and I love the results. We are going to continue taking this for another month and are going to get our kids(all 5 of them) on the shakes for breakfast next month. It's got to keep them more satisfied than the cereal! I feel confident in the products abilities and know I can research it and decide to quit taking it anytime I want to too, but for now, we are enjoying the extra energy, and hope to kick that cigarette habit soon!
I also want to say that we are an average family. My husband has a factory job and works shifts. I stay home with the kids and rack up our credit card debt(just kidding)! We don't make a lot of money, don't drive fancy cars and live in a little house. So if you are contemplating on taking this product because of price, you really have to justify it. Vacation or Isagenix? For us we decided to try Isagenix ,because our energy levels were so low that we would have just sat around and ate anyway. Instead- with all of the extra energy we've got- I have started to clean out the basement- took the kids to Ikea by myself- set up a flower stand at the market, and kept up with the laundry. Is that worth $260 to me? You betcha- besides, I am not craving sugar, pasta or junk food so I have taken that out of our budget. Give it a try if you want to- it's your life and your story.
So, in conclusion, I give this product a good review. The product is great, the plan is simple, the food is good,but I do not like the high price.
Whew! Thanks for reading this- I can get a little bit windy!

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Isagenix 2

I did a lot of research when my friend first introduced me to the isagenix family. I'm always for an easy weight loss plan, or any wieght loss for that matter.
When I went to his house just for a personal one on one informational,he had to call his "teacher" to talk to me some more, and I was on speaker phone for over an hour, with A HUGE push program to buy the "presidential starter package" $500 bucks. I chose the lesser of the package, which cost me over$400, and $40 in shipping in handling. From the start, there were red flags everywhere..
***and a note to those who buy, they will AUTOMATICALLY send an auto shipment of more product to you after a month, for $299, and charge it to your credit card. If you quit the program, remember to CANCEL your auto shipment....or you'll have to pay the shipping and handling when the products gets there****
As far as the product and the plan: The shakes were ok. Nothing to look foward to for me. THis is basically a meal replacement. You can't cheat, ever. (or it won't work) The cleansing days, I almost passed out. Honestly, I was basically starving my body everyday. One meal a day isn't whats intended for our systems. We need balanced meals every 3-4 hours. After about 3 days, I began to have horrible headaches..enough to where I was taking my migraine medicine every day. (that medication isn't cheap!)
After about 2 weeks, I decided it just wasn't for me. I called and cancelled.
ON the other side, you have very pushy people who want to get you on the "chain" and sell, sell, sell. It's overwhelming, and it really is something in these peoples lives that they can't stop talking about or pushing. It's completley annoying. The guy who sold to me wasn't even losing, he was drinkin', smokin' and pigging out all the time, all the meanwhile telling me how great it worked, made him feel, etc. That right there, ANOTHER RED FLAG.
I know this product DOES work for some people however. And that's great. This was way too much money for me to spend, and not have proper results.

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