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sperryc (29)
I have a friend who just got a place in South Boston, and it is definitely a neighborhood on the up-and-up.

It's also a nice, cheap alternative to living downtown. The commute downtown is painless.

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caphillsea77 (29)
Supercali: what the hell is that suppose to mean? I think you got lost in space somewhere buddy. And I'm pretty thankful no part Boston
resembles anything Las Vegas. Off the strip the city is a hole and no place desireable to live. Mild distraction, anyway for an honest review on Southie read on...

Original message 1/13/06 This is Boston's finest residential neighborhood. Historically it was a big Irsih enclave and still is to a lesser degree now. It's compact, walkable and got a nice variety of housing stock... mainly 3 deckers.. a mix of brownstowns.. many with bay windows and mostly well kept. Southie is a walkable neighborhood and has a great commercial drag on Broadway. Southie also has great access to parkland and waterfront including City Point and Carson Beach.. very condusive to exercise.

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oscargamblesfro (76)
Interior criticisms ALWAYS carry more weight, than those who don't know, SUPERCALI. This is a much maligned neighborhood, yes, often for good reason, but I grew up in the one next to it, and not everyone there is a bigot, an imbecile, or a xenophobe. Your other post about the city, in which the lack of an accent is supposed to be a cool or enlightened or superior thing, is rather absurd- and your condescending, class-based snobby bias, bragging about coming from the wealthy western suburbs, as if the entitlement such people have allows them to preach to the great unwashed, really shines through. As if the bluebloods and ultra yuppies there could even begin to imagine the advantages they have in money, privilege, and so forth. I really hope you're still a teenager with such ideas.

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I am sorry but Las Vegas it is not.

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