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The Joker 5

The thing about the Joker is that he was there at the beginning and was a homicidal maniac from the start, though at that time even Batman used a gun so I guess it was more violent all round. For a brief period they turned the Joker into a pathetic slapstick character just as they lightened up Batman in general (and introduced his no guns rule). After the 1987 reboot the Joker returned to his roots and produced a psyche that varies depending on the writer but is shown to be both homicidal and a prankster. His memorable slaughter of Jason Todd (Death in the Family), and the crippling of Barbara Gorden (The Killing Joke) are both perfect examples of how this new Joker behaves - he acts without reason or cause, he simply does it to satisfy his own violent needs.

In terms of how the character is portrayed I find the vocal performance by Mark Hamill to be the perfect voice of this maniac - his voice some how sounds condescending, insane and dry at the same time producing a Joker who can be both chilling and humorous. In terms of live action performances there are none quite like that of the late Heath Ledger who brought the character to life in such a way that people could believe he is actually mad.

Best DC villain ever.

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The Joker 5

Oddly enough, I think Mark Hamill (yes, Luke Skywalker himself) makes all the other Jokers look like... well, Jokers.

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The Joker 4

When somebody asked Bob Kane who the scariest Batman villian is , he said the Joker. I agree with him. When they chose Jack Nichoison to be the Joker, that was a smart decision.

When Cesar Romero was chosen to play the Joker, he refused to shave off his mustache. They tried to hide his mustache with white makeup but if you look closely, you can still see it.

Mark Hamill did a damn good job when he provided the voice of the Joker. Heath Ledger did a good job as the Joker as well. The Joker has always been my favorite Batman villain.

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The Joker 5

i'm a fan of the old school batman. i also prefer the villains from the tv show. joker was evil and funny and entertaining. he reminds me of a spoiled child.

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