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Overall Rating:4.50 based on 10 ratings
Mentioned in "Lonesome Dove" (Add picture)

This item was submitted by GenghisTheHun (167) on 8/17/2005 9:40:24 AM.

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Broodinghen (12)
John the Baptist lived on them, as the Bible tells us, and perhaps he liked them quite as much as the wild honey that complemented his diet. I'd rather eat them than starve but as long as I can have anything else I go with kamylienne.

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Sundiszno (30)
Irishgit has outdone himself on this one - truly he must have a piece of the Blarney Stone somewhere close at had to kiss on a regular basis! But, I digress. Maybe, just maybe, I could eat grasshoppers, but the thing that sort of turns me off to the idea is that when you step on them on a concrete sidealk(inadvertently, of course) this green stuff seems to ooze out of them. Not too sure I'd like that, fried, roasted, covered in chocolate, al dente, or whatever. BTW genghis, just what kind of candy do they taste like, sourballs?

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kamylienne (77)
I've heard of chocolate-covered grasshoppers, so I'm sure somewhere they fry these little guys up. This goes along with my feelings on fried cicadas (which I've seen a while back on the news that some people collected these poor little guys and cooked them up, only to suffer from severe allergic reactions. These poor little critters bury themselves underground for seventeen years, and get only ONE chance to get lucky before they die . . . it just seems kinda unfair to take 'em out that way). I just can't get past the whole insect thing. Yuck.

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Gentle Jude (23)
There are some people who enjoy eating this. I don't think I would.

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irishgit (135)
Ok, here we go. One night, many long dark years ago, a certain young Irishman was carousing with some boon companions late into the evening in a town that will remain nameless. (I'm not sure what the statute of limitations is for some things) After some hours of merriment, this band of celebrants found themselves a tad peckish, and noting that it was in the wee hours of morning, went in search of provender. They found, like a beacon in the night, a glowing sign for an all-night Deli and Grocery which turned out to be run by a man of uncertain age, ethnic origin, and personal hygiene. Nestled among the many gourmet treats on display, was a tray of these epicurean delights. Noting this, one of this happy few wagered that none among them would have the stomach to devour one of the six legged treats. Our young Irish friend, well fuelled with ethanols, and never one to refuse a bet, gamely stepped up and bought half a dozen of the exotic delights. Outside on the city street, by the thin light of a streetlamp and a waning moon, the deed was done, the bet won, and the carousing continued, well into the following day. It is said, however, that our hero looks askance at live grasshoppers to this very day, and feels a vaguely queasy flutter at their appearance.

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CastleBee (80)
I'd be gagging along with you tboneya. And the really gross thing is if we really did gag our guts up someone would probably just saute them in butter and gobble them down. Ahem, well, going back to grasshoppers...to be fair, if you've ever seen live shrimp you might start to wonder what the big difference is. (And I know I'm not going to give up eating that any time soon.)

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texasyankee (21)
No thanks, I prefer to not know where the bugs are in my food ;)

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Randyman (101)
You got me beat, Genghis. If it taste like candy, then I'll just have candy. As you said, it's the thought, lol.

  (9 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
GenghisTheHun (167)
Believe it or not, they do taste like candy, but it is hard to eat many! It's the thought, I guess.

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