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Overall Rating: 3.65 based on 17 ratings
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Macabre64 (0)
Wonderfully acted, written and directed

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LadiHawk57 (0)
so-so .. as far as scary movies goes.. kinda boring..

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cyclee (18)
A very well made movie. Surprising plot, good acting, creepy atmosphere, and the most importantly, it's not one of those horror movies that are only meant to scare and make no logical sense. Here is one interesting question to ponder. You have to believe in order for the voodoo magic to work on you, but can you really shell yourself out to not believe in any of it? I think it is harder than it sounds "after" you have seen it working on others.

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crystaal (0)
I enjoyed this b/c it was not the typical horror movie. It had all the twists & turns to keep you guessing as well as an ending that I never expected.

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dragonx187 (0)
Anything set in Louisiana is good by me! The Voodoo/Hoodoo theme always intrigues me.

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daedalus (34)
Much better than I was expecting. I am not a big Kate Hudson fan and I liked this movie despite her. The ending is a surprise, which always goes a long way in helping me remember a film.

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alpepper (22)
Concur with Seraph. This is one of the better suspense movies I've seen in a while. I'll cite a few reasons why I liked this movie: 1) A very good plot. It's got all that New Orleans' Hoodoo/Voodoo interacial gobbledygook which is always good for a scare (Much more effective than the Lamo "Haunted Mansion" Disney offering). They do a great job in tricking the viewer into thinking who the "whodunit" is; but no one suspects what really transpires in the very creative ending. 2) Great locales. Pre-Katrina New Orleans and neighboring Terrebonne Parish are depicted. Even before the hurricanes hit, you get the idea that this is a part of the country where you are better off having gills and an umbrella strapped to your head. I recall on a Charleston SC Ghost Walk, the tour guide commenting Charleston ranks a distant second to New Orleans in ghost sightings. One look at this movie and I'm reminded of Dan Aykroyd's comment, "We're in Ghost Central Station." It is one of the more effective uses of location to create a haunting mood since Philadelphia and "The Sixth Sense." 3) Kate Hudson is hot and a pretty good actress to boot(y). You'll get to see her in a few panty-clad scenes, tight-jeans scenes, and a Damsel-in-Distress scene.

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Seraph (9)
The best horror movie I've seen in a while, with a nice killer twist at the end. Kate Hudson really surprised me; I had pegged her more as a affable, if saccharine, romantic lead than a thriller heroine, but she gives the character of Caroline a demeanor that's at once intelligent, determined, and magnanimous. It's certainly a fresh break from the usual bimbo tripping over set pieces to escape the monster. Set in the marshes of Louisiana, a native folk magic called hoodoo factors heavily into the film's plot, so you may have to suspend skepticism to enjoy this one. Definitely worth a look.

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