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LadyJesusFan777 (22)
Gossip is pure poison. It has killed many families as well as friendships. Is it worth it?1
Molfan (51)
Boy is this true. Gossipers are the worst kind of people. I have been the victim of horrible gossip. None of it is true.but it is heartbreaking to me that those who I thought were friends could so eagerly believe such rubbish. Maybe it makes themselves look good or they are relieved it is not them who are the targets. All I know gossip has caused an enormous amount of grief. it has also caused me to trust a lot less. and why? Is it that much fun to ruin an innocent person's reputation. Do we like to pass around the dirt that much?What do we really accomplish by gossip?  it is true if someone is gossiping to YOU, they are also going to gossip  ABOUT you.5
kamylienne (74)
Technically, a gossiper is often not considered much of a pariah, since they're sadly not considered an outcast so much as they're considered highlights of social groups.  They say "knowledge is power", so the reason why gossips do what they do is because perceived knowledge (whether knowingly false or not) gives them some sort of half-assed rise in social standing.  At least that's my take on it.  

Previously, I considered one of my job's perks to be the isolation from the other co-workers by a long stretch of hallway, since that removed me from the gossip circle.  After our company moved, my reception area is now considerably closer to other co-workers, and there are more people that work within my little area, so now I overhear tons of gossip, about everyone else that works there.  And, I guarantee you, if someone's talking about someone else behind their back, it's not a stretch to believe that they're probably doing the same to you.

Everyone does it at some point in time, but hopefully it's something that you grow out of.  Refusing to take part in it does make you considerably less "popular", but the "respect" of people who thrive on gossip isn't entirely too valuable, anyway.
John the Baptist (1)
Lets always stay on the positive. I have personally seen gossip tear down and split churches right down the middle and never recover. We need never to speak any condecending or judgemental statements or hurtful things to or about people. It is important whether you are a chistian or sinner alike, when sombody wants to whisper or take you aside privately or just to be just plain negative.... YOU ARE TO STOP THAT CONVERSATION IMMEDIATLY. because it brings in ungodly thoughts and lies about whatever is being talked about and you just might end up being a talebearer which is not necessarely a gossip but one who speaks what he or she thainks is the truth but is not. So let us be positive one to another and encourage one another in the lord. Proverbs 18:21: Death and life are in the power of the tounge and they that love it shall eat the fruit of it.. Lets keep it real.. God bless....4
Underspin (24)
Attacking another's character with vicious, demeaning, backstabbing gossip is unfortunately a trait too many insecure and unethical people hold. Working in the mental health field, I have witnessed co-workers repeatedly do so to their clients as well as each another, yet I refuse to participate in their poisonous laughter. While I try to keep in mind that such petty behavior typically says everything about the persons partaking in it and little about the victim, it still troubles me how so many don't think twice about engaging in such infantile activities, especially towards some of our society's most vulnerable. So much for "adulthood" and "professionalism" I guess. 5
Gentle Jude (24)
This is dangerous because it ruins friendships, causes fights and inflames sin. The sin was already bad enough by someone gossiping, but sin gets enlarged when the people who are hurt by gossip end up confronting the gossiper. Then they end up fighting. There is a very fine line between confiding with a friend and gossip. Gossip is when you talk about someone just to hurt them or because you like seeing the reactions of other people when you say something negative about someone else, or really just not minding your own business and telling other people all your personal things. Or saying something nasty about someone else when they may not have all their facts straight. But I also think if something is really bothering you, and I may be wrong because I yet have a long way to go before maturing completely, it is OK to confide in a trusted friend who won't damage the person's reputation and who will give you Godly advice or for the non-believer, wise counsel. But you shouldn't confide in that friend just to be mean or have a bickering session about that person. But I think that if you talk to a friend who will only say further bad things about that person, then they are not the right person to talk to. Because wise counsel may be the very thing that calms you down. But you should only leave it between that friend and you. In the end, gossip will only hurt you the most because we are all judged by what we say. To avoid gossip, if you wouldn't say something about a person when they are there, don't say it when they are not there!5
numbah16tdhaha (137)
Silly gossiping wench friends of my sister in law, including one ex of mine, almost torched her marraige to my brother. Good thing she stopped talking to some of them.6
Donovan (108)
I have been hurt more than once by people talking behind my back or even blatantly doing it in public for that matter. I guess you always must consider the source, realize the immaturity level of the attacker and try your absolute best to ignore it.9
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