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Overall Rating: 4.25 based on 8 ratings
The London Underground is London's extensive network of subways that make traveling to any point in London convenient. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by TJGypsy2 (7) on 8/7/2005 5:18:22 PM.

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sfalconer (19)
By far the best way to get around London and probably still the safest even after the recent attacks. They are clean and usually on time, it is a very well run system.
CastleBee (81)
It's been quite awhile since I traveled in the Tube, but the experience left me with some very vivid memories. Not the least of which was a time we had to board an elevator that looked as though it was about 200 years old. We descended for what seemed like 2 miles before the doors finally opened. There was just something about being underground in a place with so many centuries of history. Aside from the delightfully creepy gothic ambiance, it was also a very reliable, quick and easy way to get around one of the best cities in the world.
zuchinibut (33)
Its kind of hard to be a traveler to London and not experience the Underground. It seems to be a very well designed system, and London is very lucky to have such a great public transportation system. I don't really consider it an attraction, but rather something that is part of the London experience.
magellan (137)
You don't think of the London Underground being an attraction by itself, but it is. It is the best mass transit system that I've ever been on - it's easy to get anywhere worth getting to in London via the tube. Don't forget to Mind the Gap, however.
willow37 (0)
i dont like using the underground, although its a pretty amazing network, i don't like the underground thing. It has nothing to do with the recent bombings, im just not comfortable going underground. if i can get somewhere without using the underground i will.
TJGypsy2 (7)
With all the things to see in London, you might not think of the underground, but it is a wonder in itself, and was one of my favorite parts of my trip to London. Almost anywhere in London is easily accessible by foot, thanks to the fact that tube stations seem to be everywhere. Since I live in a city that doesn't have a subway....I was VERY impressed.
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