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Have their been any reports of two people meeting on and getting married? (Add picture)

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oscargamblesfro (86)
I'm trying pretty hard not to laugh to be honest, seems like a fantastical idea. I won't get into it, but imagining the crossbreeding of certain combinations of reviewers would probably lead to centaurs and satyrs and what not....

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ILikePie (54)
There are some very nice ladies on this site... I've always had a 'thang' for HistoryFan. ;)

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Mad Hatter (38)

Hmmm.... This could be interesting. I know a couple of RIA members that I would like to meet each other.

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Molfan (65)
have not heard of anyone hooking up as of yet. if anyone every did agree to meet. hope they would be careful. it would still be the same as meeting anywhere else on the internet. I am sure there are some very nice folks here on if it did happen good luck to them.

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kamylienne (84)
To my knowledge, this has not happened yet. I know a lot of us who have significant others that post here once in a while, but have met LONG before RIA came into the picture. Wouldn't suggest trying to hook up this way; meeting people online is WAY different than meeting them in real life.

UPDATE: I still think trying to hook up with people online is generally a bad call, but it's funny to see that this item ranks the same as meeting people from Prison Pen Pal ads. : ) I'll give some credit, RIA is better "hunting grounds" than prison, but just not enough to push it to two stars. Oh well, I don't think Lawrence is planning to make a RateItAll personals section anytime soon ( . . . least I hope not . . . . though the entertainment value on that is ridiculous, especially if they get rated by 1-5 stars, too . . . )

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irishgit (158)
Wouldn't call it impossible, but it does seem improbable.

You never know, though.

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numbah16tdhaha (164)
Why not? We got some nice ladies here...

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Vudija (100)
Fairly unlikely, but I guess anything is possible...

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