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When Howard Dean went, "yaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.75 based on 8 ratings

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Reviews for When Howard Dean went, "yaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"  1-7 OF 7

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fitman (6)
I wish American voters would pay more attention to important stuff and not be so easily fooled by corporate media manipulation and digital/electronic trickery.

Dr. Dean  was done in by a unidirectional mic [that shut out the roar of the crowd he was shouting over] and cunning propagandists broadcast replays of "the scream" a thousand times in a successful campaign to discredit the man who was probably the best choice we've had for president in decades.

numbah16tdhaha (137)
A local radio personality made the same noise while doing a segment titled "Payday Stuntman." What inspired him to make that noise was placing his unmentionables on the hood of a car in July...

UPDATE: Wait, that also could have been the noise he made when they tased him. I'm sure it wasn't the concentrated pepper spray stuff, though, since he puked and couldn't talk. (hospital visit on that one if I remember right) Either way they played his scream and the Dean one over and over to compare and they were identical.
GenghisTheHun (153)
That was funny. I watched it live. It was funnier on the replays with all the commentary, however.   It will live for the ages

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abichara (55)
He sounded almost like a cartoon character on stage that night. Did that campaign self-destruct or what? And the straw that broke that camel's back was that "yaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"0
LadyJesusFan777 (23)
Although it was kind of funny, it's time to let it go.1
CanadaSucks (37)
I think Dean gets a raw deal by the media, but this will never, ever, not be funny. . .I have it on my computer just to cheer me up when I read all of your hate mail. . .4
bluetarbaby (8)
Funny enough by itself, but when Jon Stewart started dogging him, and they kept showing the clip of it, it became hilarious. 2
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