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Overall Rating:3.15 based on 40 ratings
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ItemImageRobin Trower is a British guitarist known for his work with Procol Harum and his long solo career.

This item was submitted by operator 409 (7) on 7/31/2005 5:57:11 PM.

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[email protected] (0)
Robin Trower is yet another legendary player with his own unique style. Bridge of Sighs is a must have if you like impeccable blues/psychedelia. Trower likes to tour the USA and can at times be found playing some small club for the fun of it. Go to www.trowerpower.com where you'll see a free video clip plus two additional free tracks from his soon to be released live concert recorded in 2008.

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OceanSoul (10)
Robin Trower is a player I respect. His playing with Procul Harem was a guitar evolution a number of years ahead of its time. He was one of the first true lead players, not just a rythym player thrust to the front of the mix.

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Moose74 (8)
Robin Trower should be much higher. Based on his solo work alone, he rates to be among the upper echelon. But it is his work with Procol Harum that cements his elite status. On their first five albums (plus their reunion album, "The Prodigal Stranger" released in 1991), Trower soars to spectacular heights. Way back in 1967, he produced virtuoso performances on "Repent Walpurgis" and "Cerdes (Outside the Gates of)". During his solo on "The Grand Finale", the closing movement from "In Held T'was In I" from the "Shine on Brightly" album, he reaches the stratosphere.. Do you want more evidence? Try "The Devil Came from Kansas", "Whaling Stories", "Whiskey Train" and "Piggy Pig Pig".

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kinger75002 (0)
Obviously, some people have never really heard Robin at his best. Incredibly lucid and smooth while using his cry baby. One of the most talented Guitar writers of the 1970's. His Bridge of Sighs album (although good) is looked at as his only bit of work and yet the 80's/90's/00's saw him crank out more interestingly different blues sounds. All around great guitar player.

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rayrose (0)
bridge of zzzzz.

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oscargamblesfro (86)
Surely belongs on a list of underrated guitarists from the 60's to mid 70's. Best known for playing guitar on the first five Procul Harum albums and for a solo career that included the lauded "Bridge of Sighs" album. Trower was a versatile guitarist capable of playing anything from very subtle and quiet acoustic guitar to screaming, Hendrixian riffs. On songs like " Quite Rightly So," "Simple Sister" "Whaling Stories" " Repent Walpurgis," and many others, his playing was an important part of Procul Harum's overall sound, and it's too bad that Procul Harum still generally remains an underrated band from that period.

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wigscott (0)
Robin Trower EARNS his place in the top 10 for sure. Awesome TONE and technique, love his use of UNIVIBE on his classic songs, all on that familiar white strat. James Dewar also ranks as one of the greatest vocalists ever and surely helped with us loving Robin so much. What a classic expanded CD "Bridge of Sighs" is! If you don't have it, go get it! Thank you Robin for your wonderful playing.

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Rockon64 (2)
Love his sound! Great live performer. Buy "Bridge Of Sighs" and listen, you'll be glad you did.

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operator 409 (7)
Leaden and brooding solos. A tone similar to Hendrix, but heavier w/less flash. trowers stuff is great to listen to on a cold, overcast day when you dont want to be cheered up, you just want some thunderous Strat melted down and poured over you . His chords and leads all make perfect sense musically , and set up the most underrated voice in music, bassist Jim Dewar.

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