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everybody get stoned, make a list of why christians are dumb, then compare notes and laugh

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Reviews for everybody get stoned, make a list of why christians are dumb, then compare notes and laugh  1-12 OF 12

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SpartanPride (21)
Oh shit... sounds like this guys after me...1
CanadaSucks (38)
Sounds like a waste of good dope if you ask me. 2
oscargamblesfro (71)
I'm sorry but I can't help wondering whether this is the original lyric to Dylan's "Rainy Day Women 12 &35"... all kidding aside, this is a foolish listing...7
irishgit (122)
Somebody seems to have cut to the chase, and made a list of how dumb they, themselves are....

Thanks for saving us the trouble, listmaker.
Vudija (100)
"How about we get stoned, make a list of why you're dumb, compare notes, and laugh."

I'm with Blue, minus the getting high part haha
Aristotle77 (27)
Can i ask a question?....what did christians do to your family?2
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Sounds like a plan, what time shall I come over!?3
GenghisTheHun (157)
By Thor's Holy Trousers, this is one of bluetarbaby's listings. Don't tell me that "genius" is back on the RIA.4
brn2ovrcm (5)
I can understand why you might not like Christians,but is it fair to judge all of us by the actions or remarks of a small representation of people?There might be a chance that we have some insight that would bless you not only for this life,but also the next.If you get to where you are going,where will you be.In other words,what is your spiritual destiny?Just because you want to pretend that eternal life doesn't really exist,does that insure the fact that if you are to be judged by everything that you say or do(secret sins that no one but you and God knows)will your eternal dwelling be in a place where God really intended for the devil and not you(yes,he does exist.his hold on our society today is a relevant truth that we can't overlook)or will you share space with the"oppresser" who has done everything to sidestep you to an eternity of shame and torment.Know this: The message of the cross(the work that Jesus performed and finished so that we ALL could live in an eternity so blessed that your human mind could never imagine it) is foolishness to those that are perishing.And I don't say this to put you down,because I have to answer to God for everything I say or do to you,so that you have been given a chance to partake of the joyful,peaceful existance that God had always planned for you.If you reject God's offer(not mine),you may spend eternity wishing that you had.A real Christian would overlook the things you say in fun about us,knowing that the most educated mind in the world is still light years lower than God's uttermost foolishness.God's message is hidden to those that are perishing,but IF you seek God by accepting his son Jesus' work and redemption for all men who have faith ,He will reveal himself to you and you will find freedom that you've never experienced before.God isn't going to prove anything to anybody,he doesn't have to.How easy it would be to believe something that you see,but we believe and hope for things that we have never seen or heard,that is harder right!And that,friends is the power of God through Jesus.You can't get to God's blessing without accepting the fact that Jesus died for you on a cross as a perfect man(the only perfect man that ever existed)for every wrong thing you have ever done,no sin is too small or too big.Our God is an awesome God and he can meet you right where you are.Talk to him and ask him to forgive you for being a sinner like all of us are or where,but here is the difference,I have made him THE LORD OF MY LIFE,and he is first in my life because he offered me a great gift.I couldn't earn it,couldn't be good enough(no one can),but it was rendered to me and you today,you may not see tomorrow,Choose life today and see if I was right after all.God Bless you ALL.3
Blue Orchid (44)
How about we get stoned, make a list of why you're dumb, compare notes, and laugh.7
Donovan (110)
Poor topic, poor list!3
Flick01 (76)
I have a better idea. Lets write down why this list is dumb, then compare notes, and laugh.10
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