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Overall Rating:4.20 based on 5 ratings
ItemImageFounded by Sam Wanamaker in 1997, the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre stands just 200 yards from where the site of the original Globe Theatre. The original Globe Theatre was built in 1598; it was where William Shakespeare, one of the world’s most celebrated playwrights, had penned many of his plays before it had burnt down in 1613. An open-air theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre presents performances every summer for a maximum of 1,500 guests at a time.

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CanadaSucks (47)
Expensive? Sure. Touristy? Yes. Still, a great venue to watch a play. . .usually performed by a higher caliber of actors you get for Billy Shakes plays here in the states. . .an almost must-experience if you're in London. . .

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zuchinibut (37)
An interesting way of capturing what it was like to see a play when Shakespeare was writing. It was uncomfortable at times having to stand to watch the play, and others seemed to be uncomfortable as well. I would much rather prefer to watch a performance in a more comfortable chair than having to lean against other people in front of a stage. However, it was worth the visit to see the recreation of Shakespeare's Globe.

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joeljkp (1)
A very cool place. I'm not sure about the visitor's center/museum area, but just sitting and watching a play is well worth it. Fresh strawberries at the concession stand and a waterfront view; you can't beat it.

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Daccory (15)
Sam Wanamaker did a wonderful job on his lifetime project to bring the Globe back into existence. Shame they built a totally inharmonious brick building which serves as the ticket hall and museum right next to it.

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