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Because liberals are smarter and care more about peopleGet Rating Widget!

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traderboy (25)
Seemingly impossible to quantify in any measurable way, but there IS historic precedent for this notion. Regime changes were accomplished more rapidly in the past, and if your sensibilities didn't mirror the new management's, you HAD to develop a quicker wit if you were fond of things like breathing and eating solid foods. Often, this meant travelling and all the inherent dangers associated with it (language differences made you stick out like a Communist in Kentucky; being obliged to learn other tongues and customs is an obvious increase in knowledge). For the hale of heart who hung around for a variety of other reasons (infirmity, economic, political, social, etc.) staying on your toes was preferable to having them removed (things that entrenched ruling parties didn't have to worry about until someone tougher came along and the whole process started anew). Ideologies have been evolutionally bred through armed conflict and their resultant hardships. The arts of detente and diplomacy have slowed violent exchanges in recent times; this allows for ideals to take root and grow for longer periods (which explains the current trends towards causes involving vast numbers of people). The turnover ratio will vary, but it'll be a mix of old and new factors that'll keep these machines running.

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bluetarbaby (8)
This is a stereotype because some Republicans have to be smart to fool so many people. However, to generalize for a second, it honestly does seem that every Republican I meet is a ding bat that believes what he/she believes for mind boggling idiotic reasons. While most Liberals I meet have been to a library, have a better sense of humor, and just seem to be more intelligent in general. Example: for the most part, people who voted for Bush did so for reasons that don't seem to exist. While, Liberals are just more well read, open minded, and see things from all angles. They aren't just I support my president no matter what! Or, attack us and we'll attack you and make you free. I don't know, Liberals just seem more Suspicious and realistic. While Republicans often seem naive, taking anything their guy says as fact. I mean, Christ, they seem like they don't know politicians are liars. So, how smart could they be. Let me rephrase that last part: Republicans do know politicians are liars, they just can't accept it in their minds when it's somebody they support doing the lying. That shows insecurity, denial, and a lack of intelligence to me. Liberals on the other hand - Well, let me put it like this: Clinton lied about the oral sex and many other things. I admit that, and frankly don't care. I am confident enough in the job he was doing as our leader, and smart enough to admit that. Also, I feel like a lot of conservatives don't really care so much about right and wrong, America, etc as they do not letting the Liberal win the debate, or take the office, etc. That shows a lack of intelligence as well. AND, it's no secret that Kerry won the states with the highest populations of college grads. I know, I know. Not true, right?))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))))) UPDATE: Some can blather about communism, theorist, etc while using intellectual talk to attempt to make a point. The fact remains, I have met a lot of conservatives in my state and trust me, they're as dumb as a door knob. And all this blather about politicians and republicans has EVERYTHING to do with why I'm a Liberal and why I think we're smarter. Nobody is saying bad men throughout history weren't smart. We're saying Liberals are smarter than your typical conservative or republican or whatever the hell you wanna call it.

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LanceRoxas (40)
Yes like PlanetaryGear- he had a 4.0 GPA and his IQ is off the charts!*****Update, I can't believe people are actually giving this credence. First of all the question was why are you a liberal? Which is discernable from why are you a Democrat. All this talk about politicians and blather about Republicans has nothing to do with why you're a liberal and why you believe liberals are smarter than conservatives. Liberalism- like conservatism- is an ideology that forms from one's perspective of the universe- human nature- and subsequent beliefs regarding justice. To assert that one individual is preconditioned to a particular perspective is naturally more intelligent is simply assinine. There are- and were- brilliant theorists who in actuality are dreadfully wrong about much of what they concluded: Hobbes, Marx, Neitzche, Hegel, Kant. Or some who added points of brilliance and came up short in other areas- like say Locke. There are simply brilliant theorists- both conservatives and liberals- of all generations and backgrounds. And the reality is some of these theorists change the way we view each ideology- hell the birth of neo-conservatism is a fairly recent ideological twist- is William Kristol a moron? To assume we can deduce from one's ideology their intellectual capacity is just plain stupid. Is anyone going to go on record here saying they're smarter than Karl Marx? I surely am not! Or even the numerous leaders of the Soviet Union who were strident communists? It is simply a fact of life that ideology has nothing to do with individual intellectual capacity. Ideologies themselves lose out on grand scales so much larger and more complex than any individual- no matter how intelligent- could possibly comprehend, that cultures will need to change before the individuals will.

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souljunkie (20)
Mr Irish, I agree for the most part. When all washes clean this is true. Its kind of like everything we see or hear in the media news. CNN, Fox or whatever, you end up having to sift through all the BS and come up with your own conclusions, do a little of your own homework. It just so happens that in theory, I usually end up seeing things through 'conservative' eyes.

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PlanetaryGear (52)
Ideologies suck. - Being smart has nothing to do with your politics, but as for caring about people, I guess you could consider that, in of itself a 'liberal' idea which is embraced by those of all political persuasions. -- And to the poster who is in to name dropping: Grow up buddy, your credibility is slipping. I'd challenge you to a war of wits but I refuse to do battle with an unarmed man. Oh, and thanks for advertising my credentials.

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samjung23 (4)
What a load of crap. Liberals aren't smarter than anyone for being liberal. I've seen some dumb liberals hate me and call me retarded totally for spouting conservative views then call me a genius for agreeing with something liberal. This is an ideology that prides itself on being elitist on all levels, and the whole goal of education systems in North America is to brainwash straight-A students into becoming liberals. It's amazing how some people still haven't figured it out...bright kids with no mind of their own. I got good grades but I jumped off the liberal wagon a long time ago, it's a scam, for all you decent Democrats out there. Take over the party rational Dems, before the latte wackos drive it all to hell.

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Jar-Jar Binks (16)
Definitely true. Liberals study harder, read more, get more involved in the community and find ways to helping the underdogs. Liberals go through the problems and work harder to find solutions to problems. As for caring, liberals tend to support social programs to benefit the poor. When liberals see someone on the streets, they tend to call for help so they can be cared for. I've never seen conservatives do anything generous like that.

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SZinHonshu (44)
I think this is how liberals tend to see themselves. They perceive (or characterize) the source of views that differ from theirs as being motivated by selfishness, greed or racism. As far as smarter is concerned, I don't see how any rational person representing any viewpoint/perspective/political affiliation could say that with a straight face. There are certainly non-thinkers or knee jerks occupying both ends of the spectrum. I think more emotionally self-indulgent would be a more accurate description.

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irishgit (137)
My experience over several decades of doing politics for a living can be boiled down to this: The goal of political parties and ideologies is the acquisition and exercise of power. Frequently, merciless power. You can dress it up in whatever clothes you choose, but the core activists, the decision makers, on either side of aisle, are driven by this, and little else.

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CanadaSucks (45)
No. The idea that one group cares more about 'people' is nonsense. The groups have different opinions on concepts of freedom, to be sure. Smarter? I'll subscribe to that stereotype. . .the scientists, artisans, and scholars that I have met usually had centrist to leftist tendencies. . .conservatism's romantic notions of 'how things were and how they ought to be' usually (but not always) is an allergic philosophy to academia and exploration.

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Wavebacker (25)
Somewhat true. Liberal see more Shades of Gray and tend to look at complex issues from a variety of angles as opposed to Conservatives who are more stubbornly looking at things from a jaded perspective. Neither side is particuarly smarter than the other, but rigid Conversatives just seem dumber than they are.

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